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isaaciceman2730 Mar 20, 2023

Fantastic Law group, Mr Vincent Luisi knows what he's doing, I highly recommend their services. Thank you again

Argelia Figueroa Mar 17, 2023

Best defense law firm in the city 👏

Tylor Seaton Mar 02, 2023

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Toni Haywood Mar 02, 2023

Get your taxes done here! Dana has been doing my taxes for the last 4 years and she's the only person I'll trust. I recommend this place to everyone.

Katy Chávez Feb 24, 2023

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fabian flores Feb 17, 2023

Highly recommended, they won my case! Thank you Vince.

William Hankins Feb 16, 2023

Great Service Highly Recommend

Alex Jauregui Feb 09, 2023

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Cris Comino Feb 08, 2023

They know what they are doing! Their experience and knowledge it’s remarkable!

Taylor Taylor Feb 08, 2023

I'm beyond thankful for these guys. Kevin Mccubbin literally destroyed the States Attorney in my trial. I had a Class X Felony / Arson which came with mandatory jail time. I guess you all can tell how that went because I wouldn't be writing this review if he had of lost because I would have been incarcerated. IT WAS A FLAWLESS VICTORY. He's a phenomenal Trial Attorney. I'm a walking/ living testimony. Thank you Luisi Law Group and Vince. I appreciate you guys. Kevin Mccubbin you're a life saver 🙏🏽🙌🏽.

Norma Muñoz Jan 28, 2023

The BEST LAWYER!! 100% recommended! Appreciate everything Mr. Vincent did for my brother’s case. No words can ever be enough to how great full we are!

David Maldo Dec 02, 2022

Mi caso duro 2 años y con la consistencia de los abogados terminado con muy buen resultados gracias Luisi Legal Group.

Oscar Hernandez Nov 16, 2022

This firm helps people. They helped better than my previous attorney.

david figueroa Nov 14, 2022

Couldn’t ask for better attorneys very easy people to work with and time after time have always had the best possible outcomes

Zanaida Coleman Nov 08, 2022

They have handled two traffic cases for me so far and they are awesome! Klaudia is my lawyer, she is very professional and knows how to get things done!

Anabel Zavaleta Oct 28, 2022

Se los recomiendo muy buenos abogados muy amables y accesibles

Randy Delgado Oct 19, 2022

They did a fantastic job on my DUI cases both cases won, Kevin Mcubbin is a GEM… I highly recommended him and Luisi law group

Frank Anton Oct 13, 2022

I have a malicious mother that has been attempting to alienate me from my child. Finally, after numerous visits to the state’s attorney’s office, they decided to prosecute me on one of her erroneous police reports. However, Vince Luisi assigned Kevin McGown to my case. The prosecution was relentless in pressing forward. However, Kevin is a master of his craft and outmaneuvered the state attorney’s office in the end, resulting in dropped charges. Additionally, their fee is the most affordable in Chicagoland. Excellent legal representation at a low cost. Thank God I found the Luis Legal Group!

Charmander Oct 04, 2022

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Michael M. Aug 31, 2022

The firm was terrific start to finish.   A friend of mine needed some advice about how to handle a situation and Kevin consulted with us and gave great advice.  He kept my friend from making a big mistake because we could tell he knew his stuff.   That gave us confidence to hire him and once hired, he helped fix the problem.   Thanks, Kevin!