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If your looking for an honest, professional, get things taken care of, amazing, sweet, one of a kind lawyer who is Very reasonable in price who will take care of your legal Situation right away…look no more hire Terry McAdams for all of your legal problems her and her team are amazing!!! She took care of my legal problems right away I never had a problem nor ever felt worried about anything she does her job very well and her representation in person Court and online zoom hearings is amazing! She will fight for you every bit she can. Best of the best kane/Kendall county lawyer!!!!!!

Adrian Veseli Jul 14, 2022

Would highly recommend their services to anyone! They are professional and made the process go as smoothly as possible. Thank you for all of your help!

Scott Gregoire Jul 13, 2022

McAdams and Sartori (Tracey) represented me in my divorce (remotely, as I am now living in Tennessee). I had heard of a million divorce nightmares, and thanks to them, it was a surprisingly painless process. They kept me in the loop at all times, made recommendations and held my hand thru the process. If I get divorced again, they'll be the ones I call. LOL

Brian Kubisak Jul 07, 2022

I specifically worked with Nicole and Yohana in getting my license back. Unlike many lawyers and their teams I've used in the past they were present and empathetic to my situation. To which we were successful in the endeavor. I'm thankful I used them.

William Apr 01, 2022

I came into Nicole's office with not much time. I spoke with a few lawyers in the area and was not liking my options. I had an order of protection coming before the Judge in just a few days. She listened to my whole story. Came up with what I thought was a good plan. Every other person I spoke to wanted to fight against the claim, which I think would have caused more back and forth and more court time. We agreed on a plan of action. I was happy with the outcome. I then needed to retain her services for a divorce. I liked the way she presented my options. Told me when she thought i was making a good or bad decision, and backed me up on what path I wanted to take. I really appreciated her thought process and experience. I would recommend Nicole Sartori for representation.

Carlos Stein Apr 01, 2022

I just closed on the sale of my house yesterday and it was as smooth as it could be, keeping in mind that there were no real state agents involved. Mc Adams & Sartori law firm did a great job!; and Yohana the person I was in contact with the entire time was very professional and attentive. She answered all my emails and phone calls promptly and answered any questions I had. This was my first experience selling a house without real state agents and everything went really smooth. I highly recommend Mc Adams & Sartori law firm.

Nick Giesen Mar 17, 2022

In short: I highly recommend. Ms. Sartori was very knowledgeable and forward with how to go about the proceedings and the likely outcome. In the end, it went as planned, with possible further damage negated best as possible. Additionally, both she and Paralegal Yohana Flores assisted me with an additional service that they could've said no to or asked for additional compensation. Additionally, I have heard her partner McAdams is just as proficient, so don't feel cheated by getting one or the other. Again, I highly recommend the firm.

anonymous Jan 07, 2022

I had been fighting with the State for 5 years to get my license back! I had failed my first hearing and was too scared to try again until I hired Nicole because I heard she was the best in the area! It's true! She is a no-nonsense, get the job done attorney! Straightforward, honest and meticulous to details. She and her staff told me every step of the way what to expect and I felt completely comfortable with the hearing process the second time around. I cannot thank this office enough for helping me get my life back and get driving again after 7 LONG years!!! Worth every penny! If you're serious about getting your license back, give her a call today. Very satisfied customer here!

Brett Weiss Dec 06, 2021

With a very difficult life changing circumstance Nicole Satori was exactly what was needed. She worked hard and fast to get me exactly what I needed in a timely matter. I also worked with Yohana on a weekly basis. Yohana was kind, caring, and professional. She took the time to speak with me over the phone and via email and always answered my questions as quickly as possible. They both made this transition a whole lot easier. I highly recommend using them and if I ever need them again, I will definitely be back. I cannot thank you both enough!!!

Ashley Oddo Nov 10, 2021

I’m very happy to have chosen attorney Nicole Sartori and her paralegal Yohana Flores to help me with my court case. They made the process simple and easy and answered all my questions. They were quick to respond to my emails with any questions I had and they got me the outcome I was looking for in my case! I highly recommend their services!

Ashley Nelson Sep 28, 2021

Mrs. McAdams is one of the best lawyers we have ever had to get. She has helped my husband get sole custody of his two children from a horrible situation/ex girlfriend. She believes that DADS HAVE RIGHTS TOO! She fought for us for many years and she is still fighting for us as the biological mother/ex girlfriend won’t stop with the lies and trying to ruin our lives because of her actions. She has been there for us when we felt we should just give up and had helped us in so many ways. Mrs. McAdams will fight for you fathers out there, so please never give up on your children because she won’t!

Lucy Goosey Sep 18, 2021

If you are looking for someone to make your like easy , and to simplify the process, than this is your girl! As a 46 year old woman, with very little ability to research due to having 2 jobs and three kids, Terri made it so easy for me! I was dreading the divorce process more than the actual divorce. And I was ready for the divorce! She made this process simple. Comfortable. And fast. She has a way of making you feel ultra comfortable with everything that is going on when you are sometimes at your worst. I cannot tell you what a relief it was for me knowing I was in good, strong, capable hands. I highly recommend this practice, as her paralegal is also quite accomplished. A big thank you to to whole practice.

Jennifer Brasfield Sep 09, 2021

I can not say enough about how great of an experience my family had working with Nicole and her firm. Nicole's professionalism, experience and patients helped my daughter get through a stressful court situation. Nicole took the time to talk to my daughter so that she understood and was comfortable about each step of the process. Nicole was very through and alerted my daughter when there were changes. Although the process took longer then any of us thought it would, Nicole made sure that the results were in the best interest of my daughter.

Monique Plisic Jul 31, 2021

Reviewer Did Not Provide A Comment

Felicia Sotello Jul 19, 2021

Excellent Attorney !

John Powers Jun 10, 2021

First off, I received the outcome in court that I had hoped for. Yes, that's incredibly important but shouldn't be the sole variable in determining which law firm you work with. I say that because for the most part, law and case law should be 99% of who wins and who loses. I've worked with other lawyers and been extremely frustrated since I didn't feel like the cared and had my best interests at heart. Working with Terri McAdams and her paralegal Lori Flynn exceeded my expectations for a number of reasons. The team not only provided legal services, I felt like I also received a coach, consultant and counselor. Communication was timely and proactive. I never had to call to find out what was going on with my case because they always made sure I had up to date information. In my business life, we frequently talk about fiduciary responsibility. If you are not familiar with what that is, it's someone who is contractually obligated to put your best interest ahead of their own. They must make decisions based on what is in the best interest of their client. Many believe that in family court, the only true winners are the attorneys who have financial incentives to keep the meters running. That's not the case here. This could have dragged out much longer but my team worked with a sense of urgency to get things done the right way and in the least amount of time. The service and results I received far exceeded my expectations. Thank you very much Terri and Lori.

Brendon Pierce Jun 02, 2021

We recently moved into the area from Pennsylvania and used McAdams & Sartori when closing on our new home. Nicole and Yohana went above and beyond to help us every step of the way. They were professional, responsive, and handled things from start to finish. We would highly recommend them to family, friends, and colleagues.

Dan Vesely Jan 29, 2021

I want to share how professionally they dealt with me. They answered my questions in a timely manner and they work to help you to resolve your challenges to the best of their knowledge and ability. I recommend you to give them a call.

david ideran Jan 13, 2021

A very caring, effective and hands on legal team.

nicole mellecker Sep 25, 2020

Very professional team to work with !