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Renee McDonnell Mar 13, 2023

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Denver Private Investigator Feb 24, 2023

I am a PI in Denver and needed some guidance on interrupting a Criminal Nebraska State Statute. I was able to speak with an Attorney who was very knowledgeable, straight forward, well versed in the specific elements and prosecution burdens of proof and other possible statutes that are applicable in which I was inquiring about. Thanks for taking my phone call on short notice and sharing your valuable insight.

Rick Landenberger Feb 07, 2023

I have personally known Tom for years and he is a true professional in his space. His experience, and personal network are second to none and he is well respected in the legal industry. Hire Tom if you want good results!!

Michael Leblanc Feb 03, 2023

One of our family members had legal issues and Tom was incredibly helpful. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. Thank you.

J Loeza Feb 02, 2023

Mr. Olsen helped me out in the best way possible while me being in Texas. Thankful for everything he’s done and would recommend him.

Kris Kinsella Jan 20, 2023

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David Dibben Dec 16, 2022

Tom defended me in a legal issue and the outcome was very favorable. Tom is very professional and knows the various legal procedures that will benefit his clients.

kerry langin Dec 14, 2022

Tom Olson was incredibly knowledgeable when I spoke with him. He advised me and was extremely easy to understand. This man is the person for you if you are needing a criminal case attorney. Kerry

Jason Totz Dec 12, 2022

Tom Olsen is the Lawyer you want on your side. The experience working with him was excellent throughout the process. He got us the results we needed.

Pat Soltys Dec 11, 2022

Tom was there to help at a moment’s notice. He answered all of my questions and helped us reach our goal.

David Jones Dec 10, 2022

Great attorneys, Great staff, personable and very helpful…. Best attorneys in Omaha!! I have recommended Olsen Law Office multiple times !!

Brad Bertsch Dec 09, 2022

Highly recommend Tom and his staff for your legal needs. Could not ask for a better experience!

Brad Brooks Dec 09, 2022

Tom is and excellent attorney. He is very professional, was always available, explained process and fought hard to defend us and to get a very favorable outcome. If you need a good defense attorney please call Tom, and you will be very happy with your representation!

Connor Jackson Dec 07, 2022

Mr. Olsen was extremely helpful where other attorneys were vague. He gave me great advice free of charge and i could tell he actually had my best interest at heart. I will definitely recommend family and friends!

Joe Poff Dec 06, 2022

Always honest and respectful in any situation

Jacob Kamprath Dec 06, 2022

Mr Olsen went above and beyond to help me out with a case and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of a criminal defense attorney.

Adam Larivee Dec 06, 2022

Tom is extremely professional, knowledgable, and willing to go the extra mile to assure you peace of mind. Highly recommended if you’re in need of his services

Mary Ann O'Brien Dec 06, 2022

Tom Olsen and his team at Olsen Law Offices are outstanding. They are smart, thorough, professional and caring. If you are looking for a great attorney to represent you, look no further. They come with my highest recommendation.

Christopher D. Connelly Dec 06, 2022

Tom did everything he could to help me in my time of need and move on from my mistake. I could not have asked for a better attorney. Communication was excellent, and he handled everything so I could move forward. Thank you again (I hope never to use it again, but I know if I ever need to, they are here to help)

Joseph Baudler Dec 05, 2022

Tom Olsen and his staff are a vetted organization that can be counted on to handle your case when a person or company are in real need of hiring the best.