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Reeder & Brown, P.C. - Joliet is rated
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mary ryan Jun 08, 2023

These attorney’s have excellent communication skills. They are orally articulate and are superb listeners. During are free consultation my husband and I appreciated their judgment, analytical skills, knowledge base and people skills. When concluded it would not be beneficial for us to proceed with their firm, we were guided in the process to file our paperwork ourselves. They are the most ethical lawyers I have ever dealt with. As everyone knows there will come a day you will need legal representation, you need look no further than Reeder and Brown. Reeder and Brown are looking to provide justice and not just to grab money. I only wish all law firms had their moral and social values.

Jillian Davis May 31, 2023

Mr. Joel Brown and Mr.Greg Reeder have represented in several cases and are both phenomenal! If you need an Attorney both Mr. Brown and Mr. Reeder will take care of you. The are quick, reliable and efficient.

Paige Bridges May 25, 2023

Incredible work done by Joel Brown himself. Been working with me on and off of my cases for several years now. Great source of information any time I needed anything. Quick response, thorough explanations, above satisfactory results on my behalf of the cases. I would call him again to handle any of my future family cases any day.

Vanesa Hernandez May 23, 2023

Mr Reeder and staff was great, handled all of my concerns

Mo Kob May 19, 2023

They made the whole divorce process nice & easy. Will definitely recommend them

aaron snapp May 13, 2023

Reviewer Did Not Provide A Comment

Nicole Mozingo May 09, 2023

Highly recommend! Made everything easy and stress free!

Walter Weaver May 06, 2023

Great attorney great service! Would highly recommend.

Lori Gehrke May 05, 2023

The law firm was very helpful and responsive.

mike mc neally May 02, 2023

I was extremely pleased with the attentiveness and work ethic of attorney Joel Brown I would highly recommend their services for your legal needs.

Richard Rodriguez Apr 21, 2023

I have known Joel for over 10+ years. He has helped on several legal cases and countless questions. He is an experienced attorney and our family go to Lawer. Highly recommend!

Angel Coe Apr 05, 2023

Mr Brown was a very nice up front straight to the point lawyer and honest so I highly recommend their Law Firm

Benedict Canete Mar 31, 2023

Atty. Reeder and his team are very nice and helpful! 10 out of 10!

Vidal Stewart Feb 11, 2023

Mr. BROWN Thank you again for all your help. I have will refer your firm everyone I know needing your services.

A.a T Jan 28, 2023

Joel has always been a great lawyer for me. I have used him in a few different things. I can always depend on him when I need him. Very helpful and caring guy.

Ravan Suggs Dec 16, 2022

I definitely would recommend, Reeder & Brown to represent you. Mr. Brown was so patient and informative with my case, he helped me understand everything about my case. He went over all resources he would use to help me out in this situation. Mr. Brown was able to get my trial set for a few weeks after I have my baby. So, I’m excited to not have to deal with the case while having a fresh newborn. My trial is still pending but I am sure Mr. Brown will get the job done with a success.

Jennifer Nazimek Dec 01, 2022

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Nekesha Driscoll Nov 21, 2022

I am delighted to share my experience with Mr. Brown. I have been extremely pleased on how knowledgeable and thorough with the information he provides during a previous consultation that I had with. Extremely professional and poised and I highly recommend him for legal services.

Real Batdude Nov 08, 2022

My name is Ryan Alm and I hired this law firm in October. First they were great and informative on the initial interview. Listened attentively. Immediately after we agreed we were a fit, they immediately went to work handing urgent issues in my divorce. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone! Smart, confident and helpful. Staff Kept me constantly informed. They successfully finished my divorce and we’re amazing in the last stages of negotiations. This is a real post, I am a real client and I am more than glad to have hired this law firm. 5-stars … 10 out of 10.

GAELAN Walker Nov 05, 2022

When you come here they treat you like your their only Client !!!