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Diane St. James Nov 21, 2020

Steve is an attorney who not only is highly skilled but he also cares deeply about his clients and the legal profession. He gives us all renewed faith in our judicial system. He takes the time to explain complicated matters and the time to be prepared, so he can do the best possible job when he interacts with the judges and courts. If you are facing legal challenges, Steve is the one you want on your side!

Zach Nassiri Nov 01, 2020

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David Aug 18, 2020

I was being careless and got ticketed for going 94 in a 55 with priors. Stephen with his experience and knowledge of the courts and people was able to get this knocked down to a simple fine, traffic school and supervision - just about the opposite of what you’d expect on a speeding ticket you should get arrested for. If you are in a corner and don’t know what to do, hire Stephen. He makes it simple and is straight up with you. Thanks again Stephen!

Tamara Aug 10, 2020

Mr Brundage was professional and straight forward! I was charged with a felony (forgery) and I had never been in trouble before. I was so scared and Mr Brundage assured me he could get me the minimum sentence with no jail time. I was so relieved! Mr Brundage in fact got me the minimum sentence and the outcome was much better than I originally anticipated! Thank you and your staff for the excellent representation!

Jamie Jun 14, 2020

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Mike Russell Jan 31, 2020

Stephen Brundage is a great lawyer. Cannot recommend him strongly enough. He is efficient and incredibly knowledgeable. You are in good hands with Stephen Brundage.

Brian Russell Jan 04, 2020

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Mark Oct 22, 2019

Stephen is not a 4.7 attorney he is a 10. And no, I am not over exaggerating either. if you want a honest, professional ,attorney who is truly there for his client then Stephen is the attorney you need .he knows the rule of law and I knew that by talking to him the 1rst time I spoke with him he represented my son who is 19 and was looking at some serious fines and alot more for traffic speeding tickets, 3 of them as a matter of fact and not your typical 10 over anyway I am truly grateful that I had stephen in my sons corner today he is a great attorney

Selamu Aredo Sep 13, 2019

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anthony andrews Sep 09, 2019

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Mohamed Abuhmoud Jul 26, 2019

If I could give Mr. Brundage 10 stars I would. Helped me reduce a serious moving violation to a DISMISSAL. Definitely knows what he’s doing and very professional. Thank you once again Mr Brundage. Absolutely recommend!!!!!

jinnette harris May 21, 2019

Mr Brundage is a great lawyer ,He told me what he was going to do in court and he definitely got the job done ,I would highly recommend him ,Was facing a class A misdemeanor and he got me court supervision no conviction small fine , he was worth every penny ,??????

Jessica May 10, 2019

Was arrested for second DUI (I was parked) while on supervision for a 1st DUI. Stephen's consultation was amazing, he was so patient with me and all of my questions throughout the entire process. He took on my Cook county case that was reopened as well as my kane county case. I spent about a year working through the system with him (we had bad luck with prosecutors not showing up etc -also two simultaneous cases aka a LOT of court dates-about 20 something total) but managed to get the best possible outcome (My circumstances were pretty bad..) THAT being said, somehow someway he was able to have my supervision terminated satisfactory- which is a huge deal because it means no conviction. I Pled guilty to the 2nd dui and got conditional discharge. This was the best possible scenario and Stephen explained what i needed to do to get my case terminated early. He is a very patient lawyer who is HIGHLY respected in many court rooms and him/his paralegal Cara are thorough with their clients. With my professional license on the line through all of this Stephen was a saint for dealing with my stress and dealing with my dad (who drove me to court) and ensuring that I knew what was going to happen each time. I was proud to have him represent me for this period in my life and he has a lot of wisdom to offer regarding law and life in general. 10/10 worth every penny

anonymous Feb 25, 2019

I could not have had a better more professional, efficient, and promising attorney. Mr Brundage took away an immense amount of stress and fear that I had regarding my case and I could not thank him enough for getting me through this difficult time. Mr Brundage handled my case with extreme diligence throughout the entire process in and out of the court room. HIGHLY recommend!

Mohammed Nehal Feb 07, 2019

I had an accident ticket and had 2 previous court supervision on my record. He was able to get my ticket dismissed. He is very polite and eases any nerves you may be feeling. I highly recommend him as his rates are reasonably priced and he is extremely effective for your traffic tickets.

Rich Dobek Jan 10, 2019

I was impressed with Stephen Brundage court room expertise. He advised me of what to expect and what he thinks we should do next. And he was right. I gave Stephen Brundage 5 stars he deserves 10. You need a lawyer get Stephen Brundage.

Rich Jan 10, 2019

I was impressed with Stephen Brundage court room expertise. He advised me of what to expect and what he thinks we should do next. And he was right. He knew what the Illinois law is and the proper defense to present to the bench.

anonymous Nov 28, 2018

Mr.Brundage is extremely knowledgeable and a professional lawyer who makes his appearance in Court on time when you need him and pull you out of trouble.He helped me out from a case that could have seriously impacted my life and career. He is always very responsive and supportive throughout the trail and always taking that extra mile to keep me aware of what happened in the court through email.Can't just thank him enough for what he did for me.

Richard Lindsay Oct 10, 2018

Provided us with the precise implications of the situation. Gave us several alternative strategies and the pro/con of each. Then guided us through every step of the process. Appreciated his frankness, professionalism and local knowledge. Highly recommended

Corey C Sep 25, 2018

Stephen Brundage is an OUTSTANDING attorney! Definitely THE BEST in DuPage County! I hired him to represent me in my civil case and he had it dismissed. I’m beyond pleased with his services as well as his wonderful paralegal Cara. Both are very knowledgeable, professional and have been an absolute pleasure to work with. I will always call on Stephen Brundage for all of my legal inquiries and needs and will continue to highly recommend him to all of my colleagues, family & friends!