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Chris D. Jul 30, 2020

Brad has represented me through a tough divorce. He was brilliant on the law and fought tooth and nail to get what I deserved! He might be a bit rough around the edges but you really want a attorney that is! Hes my bull dog and wont go to anyone else.

Michael Lawson May 17, 2020

Mr. Brad Swearingen is fair, direct, and explains all potential outcomes of actions. Mr. Swearingen has been my attorney for over two years and was recommended to me by a respected co-worker. He hasn't always told me what I wanted to hear, but he has been honest and truly cares about the children involved in his cases. I switched to Brad after being dissatisfied with the attention I was receiving at another law office. Brad remembers the details of my case and progresses it as quickly as practicable. Brad is reasonable in his fees and does not overcharge.

Mike Graham May 12, 2020

Divorce is NEVER an easy thing to go through, especially when there are children involved. Brad was my second attorney and he has represented me over a period of 10 years. During that time, he has always acted with deep professionalism. He knows the law inside and out and is willing to fight for his clients. You need someone who can fight for your rights as a parent AND act in the best interest of your children on your behalf. Attorney Swearingen is respected by the judges and many other attorneys in his profession. If you're looking for a great attorney in Kane county, give Brad a call. He was my most valuable ally during the most difficult time in my life. Thank you, Brad!

kay Panfil May 11, 2020

Sharp as a tack. I highly recommend Brad. Very professional and knows his stuff!

Amy Overstreet May 09, 2020

Brad has been amazing for me with my divorce. He also helped other members of my family with legal issues. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Amy O. May 09, 2020

Brad has been amazing for me with my divorce.  He also helped other members of my family with legal issues.  I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Greg VanDeventer Sep 09, 2019

Jim Jensen is a very good lawyer

Jean Koplin Aug 22, 2019

He represented my family for a custody and child support issue. He's a wonderful attorney. He knows the law and we were so lucky to have followed another attorney's recommendation to hire him. He is a good man.

Jessica S. Dec 26, 2018

Used him many years ago. He helped me through child support and yes he has a tough mentality with clients and who he is defending you against...kinda have to to have that mindset if you wanna “win.” He did not bs around and basically said “hey this is just paper, both of you are going tonhave to grow up and co-parent outside of the order!” In time it is true...one must needs to grow up and let gonof the bs and hurt! Daughter is happy, we get along and because of his tough talk things have worked

Leslie Jones Aug 01, 2018

Brad has represented me for the past 10 years through both my divorce and post-decree work. What I respect about Brad is his intelligence, honesty and concise approach. He helped me tremendously during a difficult time in my life. Brad went above and beyond to ensure I was treated fairly and helped me to see the compromise necessary in any divorce situation. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of a family law attorney. Underneath it all, he cares about his client's needs and will be your strongest advocate.

Thankful Client Apr 09, 2018

I highly recommend Brad; in fact there are not enough stars for Brad. Regrettably my divorce and child visitation case went on for years with my ex-partner refusing to comply with court order after court order while retaining and dismissing 7 different attorneys. Whether in response to my ex-partner’s actions or the tactics of opposing counsel, Brad displayed unwavering tenacity. Brad is diligent, supportive, caring, persistent, and fought not just to protect my rights as a parent but the ability to maintain meaningful relationships with my children. He uniquely combines complete, effective legal support with practical, reasonable advice to produce results at manageable cost. Brad's experience and skill, whether in the courtroom or in support of mediation and cooperation between parties, helps clients resolve the simplest to most adversarial family law situations. I will always be grateful for Brad's assistance and I'm confident others will find him an equally effective guide through what can be a challenging period of transition in life.

Dan Malloy Apr 04, 2018

Brad is a fantastic lawyer. I hired him for my custody case and he was very straight forward and laid out all of the statutes that were relevant to my case. I trusted Brad with the most important thing in my life, my son. And it was the best decision I’ve ever made. He is knowledgeable, courteous and most importantly, effective in the courtroom. What made me feel even better is that , Brad and I still talk even after my case was closed. I never felt like just another client. I would highly recommend Brad to anyone needing family legal support.

Lisa Nyuli Mar 20, 2018

As a fellow Guardian ad Litem and family law attorney, I often request Brad's appointment to represent children in custodial situation. Brad not only teaches the trainings, but has been acting for children for over 30 years. He puts the children first and is able to cut through the emotion to make recommendations that are in their best interests. Someone is always unhappy in these cases, and it takes a lot of skill to sift through all of the information you are given. Brad has that skill.

Russ Donovan Mar 16, 2018

Brad has been my lawyer for 13 years and has been there for my family and I. He is fair and has the ability to explain all situations so that you understand and make the choice best for you and will fight for you. I have and will in the future recommend Brad all who need a lawyer.

shannon rogers Feb 19, 2018

Very helpful. Will recommend.

Bryan Webster Nov 17, 2016

After having an issue with my original high end "Oak Brook" attorney who I fired, I had a friend recommend Brad Swearingen to assist me with some Family Law issues, I found Brad to be extremely helpful and cut through the BS to get me to a cost effective settlement and not cost me a ton in attorney fees. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND BRAD !!!!!