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BRIAN DEL TERZO Oct 04, 2022

I’m so proud of Credilife and the passion every coach and member of the team has toward supporting our clients, our mission, and members of the communities we serve. I’m also excited for new initiatives such as the VIP Program Guarantee and the Dispute Wizard launching this week to combat the rising costs of living and to empower the do-it-yourselfers! We strive to ensure the success of everyone who is ready to repair their credit and take back control over their financial future! To your success!!!!

Ryan Landau Sep 14, 2022

Great team responsive and fair! Got some results and guidance too!

D P. Sep 14, 2022

My time with Credilife was an eye opener from a finances perspective. I valued their insight, guidance and assistance to get my finaces in shape.  I want to thank Jeremy and Shirley for their patience and advise.  If you need help with your finances and get you thinking differently to ultimately get things in order for a big life changing purchase (owning a home) or just want to get scores up to the point where if you purchase a car, or insurance  - you have better buying power... definitely contact Credilife.

Galetha Hawthorne Jul 25, 2022

I don't regret making the decision to contact coach Jeremy Deysach with Credilife. I recommend this company to everyone.

Andrew Suarez Jul 08, 2022

I just got off a phone call with Derik Barbieri for a consultation on the Credilife program and the services they offer. He was awesome! He was extremely knowledgeable and well spoken. Based on our talk I look forward to a positive experience with Credilife.

Carrie Anderson Jun 02, 2022

If I could leave Credilife a million stars I would! My husband and I started our journey to financial wellness with the WRONG company. Blue something or another, anyway they took our money and did nothing for us. In November of 2020 we signed up for Credilife with Coach Jeremy. The first thing I can say is no where along the road were we treated poorly or made to feel badly about our past mistakes. Jeremy listen to us, and told us the steps to fix those mistakes, but more importantly taught us what we did wrong and how to not do it again. Our goal like so many others was to buy a house. We were under contract for almost 10 months but we finally closed. Our credit improved so much we got a great rate and our profile is solid! We could not have done it without Credilife, Coach Jeremy and his team. Awesome people with a true desire to teach people all about credit. When we signed up, Jeremy said to us, when we're done with the program we will ask ourselves if we can afford it, and not worry about being approved. He was 100% right. Getting approved isn't a problem any more. But more importantly, we know what we can afford even before going to the store, because they taught us! It is the best money you can spend. Worth every penny.

JRo Flo Apr 08, 2022

Spoke to Tyler in the Burnsville area at Credilife. Was honest and informative. Anyone with a negative review just wants an easy way out of their debt, but there’s more to it. Tyler was able to explain a lot to me and truly appreciate his help. I took time of his day and on his end he could have easily pushed me away. He did not. Thank you Tyler you ROCK!!

Connor M Apr 06, 2022

When I started with Credilife I was in the high 500’s and had 4 collections that were really hurting my score. They were able to help me remove all of my collections and grow my score into the high 600’s and low 700’s! Thank you. Even more valuable is they provided education that taught me the proper way to use credit cards and have multiple forms of credit to optimize my credit growth. I am now confident that I will always have a high score. I was able to get a car loan and get a new car I love after 5 years without a car due to being denied on loans before. They are very responsive and attentive to their clients. Shirley was great! I would highly recommend them if you want a hands off credit repair company to handle disputing negative items for you and if you want a professional credit specialists advice on proper credit habits what you should do. I have a multitude of different forms of credit building my credit now and getting increases on my credit limits in less than 6 months. It’s paid off and I’m very grateful, thanks Credilife team!

Kimberly Rice Dec 10, 2021

My husband and I have worked with Chris Kruger and he has literally changed our lives!!! I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend him and his entire team. He not only helped fix our credit but he has taught us everything we need to know to continue to sustain our great credit rating!

Annette J Nov 30, 2021

For anyone that's in doubt of Joining the creditlife team.. Let me share my story to cancel any doubts you may have. I currently just got discharge from a chapter 13 August 2021.. I signed up for creditlife before my discharge but they were limited to what they could do( Bankruptcy judge, Court order things) Anywho, I walked into a Toyota dealership yesterday and purchased this BRAND NEW 2022 Toyota Highlander with a 4% interest rate! NO DOWN PAYMENT! 4% after being discharged from a chapter 13? 3 months prior??????? And I'm not done yet! I'm aiming for the 800 club. Join Creditlife! I promise I was in doubt too, but I followed the process( Still Is) and if you do your part, they're definitely working on their end. I hope this helps someone!

Angelia P. Oct 27, 2021

Credilife wastes no time. They're straight to the point, make everything understandable, and do the dirty work for you. They always have someone available for questions, and they're coaches are very knowledgable. They also run a free credit repair group on Facebook with lots of good advice even if you aren't a paying client. They really do care about people.

Godwin Oct 09, 2021

Professionalism and experience are key factors in everyday life achievements. Thanks to the team at Credilife, they provided assistance and guidance through my journey to a financial success. Highly recommend Credilife services.

Tashawn Kelly Oct 07, 2021

I started with Credilife a little short of two months ago…score up 40 points, two permanent deletions and I’ve settled for two other accounts that saved me $1k. All you have to do is follow the program! You get a personal coach, credit monitoring, and a monthly “report card”. It’s the best investment I ever made and I plan on buying me a home, exactly one year from today. Take control of your finances and sign up with them. Coach Jeremy and Coach Chris are awesome~

Auto Will Sep 22, 2021

They worked with me to become a home owner! Yes it's a little work but it also teaches you a lot about credit. I was a little weary about the whole process but now I've learned a lot and I've taught people how credit actually works. Sign up now and you won't regret it!

tolu sagale Sep 08, 2021

I’m so grateful and thankful to have join such incredible program and a team of experts here. I started my journey with Credilife with a 598 score to now 700 within a span of 3 months. This program is so worth it! The coaches and staff knows what their doing and will guide you to where you want to be. I highly recommend them to anyone who need to get right on track with their credit journey. Thanks Credilife for an amazing experience!

Ryan Wurst Aug 14, 2021

They are the real deal. Been with them for just a year now and have went from a 525 to 700 averaged out. Never seen a company do anything like they do. It will always be worth the money spent.

Robbie B Jul 19, 2021

Signed up for consultation with Jeremy D****** and followed his advice. I sent investigation letters to credit bureaus, came up with a budget, settled with Capital One, applied for a new debit card account with Navy Federal. The effect was my credit limit increased, which lowered my utilization. There were some bills on my credit report that were errors and I got them removed. Others I paid off. By resolving these issues - I was able to prevent more medical bills I owed from hitting my credit report. I wasn't aware of these due to no notification from my insurance company or provider. I made payment arrangements on these bills. It was hard work, but in 7-8 months, my credit score improved enough that I was approved for an FHA loan with down pmt of 1.5 % and interest of 4%. It took 2 months from time of making offer in December to closing in February. I was living in a mobile home park, where my mh was paid for, but the lot rent was $185 per month, not including taxes and insurance. My new place is a 18x64 custom mobile home on permanent foundation - 10 years old. It sits on 2 acres. Fully fenced back yard. Front deck, back deck, storage shed. Payments $ 415 month including taxes and insurance. I am now five miles from all my kids and grandkids instead of being 1 hour drive away. I took a beating on selling my old mh back to park owners, but at least now this home and land is all mine and I am not just throwing away money on rent.

Barbara B Jul 05, 2021

Highly recommend! The coaches are very knowledgeable and I’ve only been in the program 1 month and have already seen drastic results. I work with Jeremy and highly recommend him, you’ll know your in good hands after the consultation!

Rooftop Rick Jun 11, 2021

Excellent business to work with! I was told it may take 8-12 months to get my account in good standing, after 6 months they completely satisfied everything I asked of them. They also answer get back to you in a timely manner and are very personable. I highly recommend them

Richard T. Jun 11, 2021

Excellent business to work with! I was told it may take 8-12 months to get my account in good standing, after 6 months they completely satisfied everything I asked of them. They also answer get back to you in a timely manner and are very personable. I highly recommend them