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MJ Anderson Apr 04, 2024

We arrived around 10am. per other reviews we asked how long to expect, man at the counter told us about 15 min, our food came out in 10. The chicken cordon Bleu crepe was phenomenal, exceeded expectations (which admittedly weren’t too high for a quick service restaurant. You are given a remote device to notify you when your food is ready which probably leads to confusion around how empty it looks vs wait times. Highly recommend.

Kelli_Morton Apr 03, 2024

I had a French Twist crepe with strawberries and bananas and it was delicious! The man working the cash register was bored and uninterested in customer service. When it was my turn to order I stepped forward and said, "Hi!" With a smile and he said, "I'm not ready for you yet." With no smile. None of three employees smiled the whole time I was there. The soda machine was out of CO2 and when I told him he said to the guy ordering, "Yeah our machine is messed up." Hello! I just paid $3.50 for soda that is just syrup and water and you didn't tell me or offer me something else?

DeAnn Sternhagen Mar 08, 2024

This was our first time eating crepes! There were so many different kinds to choose from! Once we received our orders, they were absolutely delicious!! Definitely will try it again!!

Debbie Schneider (4 Jersey Girls) Feb 27, 2024

“D” was very helpful with suggestions and his personality was just above and beyond. They’re lucky to have him there.

Samantha Adamski Feb 20, 2024

Denote serving us was AMAZING!!!!!

Maggie Martz Feb 06, 2024

Holy crepe that was delicious! D provided excellent service and made a wonderful savory beach ribeye. Thank you so much!

Jamie M. Jan 26, 2024

Friendly staff, convenient location and fantastic breakfast!!! Huge portion cooked to order, right in front of you and absolutely delicious. Highly recommend the Clearwater special!

Jenn Quenneville Jan 26, 2024

Great little place with amazing both savory and sweet crepes! They are huge! Jimmy is great and you can tell he really loves the food he creates!

ethan peress Jan 11, 2024

Amazing crepes. We got the nutella and fruit. I feel bad for this restaurant for having wasted food on the lady that gave you a 3-star review for "watery" nutella. Makes me sad. Perfect crepes and friendly service and we will be back!

Kimberly Vidal Dec 30, 2023

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