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Jimmys Crows Nest - Clearwater Beach is rated
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James j Malone Sep 27, 2022

Reviewer Did Not Provide A Comment

Gene Worley Sep 22, 2022

Very cool views decent prices for the locarion

Preets Ghai Sep 19, 2022

Oh lala! Phenomenal view sunset and rainbows, relaxed atmosphere and good drinks! When we got there it was little sunny, little rain, double rainbows and about time for sunset. No words to describe the beauty from the top! Fun vibes, attentive, friendly, upbeat service and good music! Great place to kick it with friends and have a few laughs. We had a great time! 10/10 would definitely recommended place to chill out!

Billie Roberts Sep 19, 2022

The best place I have been. I was "saved" by the bartender from a guy that was getting a little too creepy. He sensed that and helped me out. I recommend this place 1000 percent to any single female going to the bar alone. Oh, and the food is delicious 😋

Sherry Newcomb Sep 17, 2022

Fun place great atmosphere nightly shots at sunset. Beautiful views