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Ole Ole Apr 11, 2024

I am sincerely grateful to workers compensation attorney Cramer for his assistance in handling my injured at work case. The main criterion for me was that he listened to me carefully and learned all the circumstances of my case. On the first day of our meeting, the attorney showed interest, which gave me the opportunity to feel under the protection of an attorney, which is one of the main conditions for a positive solution to my case. It is very important to follow everything that attorney Cramer says and then you will get what is rightfully yours. I want to say with confidence that the attorney Cramer represented by me is a prominent representative of the defense of people who have acquired work-related injuries in the workplace. With sincerely, Vernon Nellis

Tortuga 1994 Nov 26, 2023

Hilarious but serious. Very uplifting people, reassured me I still have some rights avaliable to me.

Thomas Stevens Nov 05, 2023

They are representing me in a worker's comp case. The other side has pulled every dirty trick in the book, but these folks were ready and countered every despicable move they have made so far.

Marianne Naegele Oct 01, 2023

Raul Martinez helped me tremendously in my Worker’s Comp case. He fought for my rights to proper medical & therapy treatment when the Insurance denied me, even though i was suffering. He has a marvelous assistant, Monica, who kept me abreast of any changes or paperwork i needed to fill out, as well as what action i needed to take. Mr. Martinez put in a lot of extra time & effort to secure me a fair settlement. They are both respectful & kind & make their clients needs a priority. I recommend them to anyone who has a work-related injury.

Erik J. Oct 01, 2020

I called and talked to attorney Martinez. He and his assistant Noemi both spent time discussing my questions and concerns that I had over the phone. Both were knowledgeable, insightful and really seemed to care. It appears that I don't need any attorney now, but if/when I do, I will be coming back to this office. Very impressed.

Trish S. Aug 27, 2020

The best! They helped with a life changing workers compensation case. I spent six years trying to get the help I needed and Debra and her team made it all turn around in a matter of weeks. I have never seen such caring and diligent people. They care about helping others and my life is totally changed. I will forever be grateful to them helping me out.

Jim W. Sep 24, 2019

I went in to meet with Debra Strunk after receiving the "run-around" trying to get treatment for a hand injury that occurred at work. The injury happened in January of 2018.
I went to the Urgent Care Center assigned to by our facility that same day. Over the next few weeks, I saw 3 different doctors, a hand specialist, and 2 different occupational therapists.
Through all of this, my ring finger did not respond to treatment and I had no ability to extend that finger. After 10 weeks, the doctors finally ordered an MRI. The tendon in that finger had been severed mid-hand, so no amount of therapy would have resolved the issue.
Surgery needed to be performed. After some more delays, I was operated on NINE MONTHS later (to the day).
Today, nearly a year after surgery, and 20 months after the accident, I am completing occupational therapy with full extension.
It scares me to consider where I'd be without Debra fighting for me with the insurer and underwriters every step of the way. Deb stayed on top of the situation from Day 1. The insurance company made me feel like it was a "war of attrition", and would have worn me down without representation.
In addition, Debra has secured compensation I would never had been offered if not for her efforts.
If you're injured at work, I highly recommend asking questions of the staff at Robbins, Strunk and Cramer. There is no obligation, and it is ill-advised to proceed without a knowledgeable legal expert in your corner.

Anita B. Nov 06, 2018

I am extremely happy with how Chris Cramer handled my case.  He made me feel at ease the minute we sat down and began discussing my case. He was very frank which I appreciated very much. Mine was a very difficult case to win however Mr. Cramer was extremely successful.  He was very encouraging and helped me to feel confident despite what I had been through. His advice about my case and other matters proved to be extremely helpful. All of the staff in his office are wonderful, very kind and very professional. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone!

Karen R. Jun 14, 2017

I have been a client of Attorney Strunk and with my past experience working in the legal arena, Debra Strunk is the most thorough, professional and dedicated attorney that I know and recommend her to anyone that has issues regarding workman's comp and/or being hurt on the job.  She is incredibly informative, returns my calls promptly, and I am very happy to have her representing me.  When contacting this firm for any of my questions, concerns, or updates,  the office staff, and especially Naomi, are quick and professional in reporting my information. I believe I got very lucky to have found this law practice.

Zach T. Nov 19, 2015

Amazing Firm to to talk. They are very knowledgeable on their subject matter. I would recommend anyone to call or email them.

Brooke B. Nov 09, 2015

We called with a question/concern about a workers comp situation we are dealing with. Noemi the legal assistant was so helpful and went above and beyond when we are not even an official client!  Even though they do not deal with our specific situation she referred me to 2 people who could possible help! It doesn't get better than that and I would highly recommend their services based on the amazing service I received and I wasn't even a paying client!