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Heather Sylvain Jan 03, 2023

This note is so long overdue it is embarrassing but no less heart felt!! Moving in general can be taxing, but moving my 92-year old Mom from Denver, Colorado to Spanish Fort, Alabama, this summer was a monumental challenge at best! With that said, Ken’E Stocks and Caring Transitions of Denver Central made a monumental difference in making the move far less stressful and much more organized than I could have done alone. Understanding, patience, and professionalism are key business practices and were invaluable to me as I was also dealing with the death of my younger sister. Ken’E and Caring Transitions provided tissues for the tears, amazing guidance and organization that undoubtedly were lifesaving for me and helped me through an extremely difficult time! To say I highly recommend Ken’E goes without saying and I hope I have conveyed that message!!! Again, many thanks to Ken’E and Caring Transitions for a job well done and keep up the great work! 10/2022

Jennifer webb Feb 11, 2022

Thank you so much for taking a huge burden of my shoulders! you did it all and I was so thankful for that. Without Kene and his team it would have taken forever to get my Mom's ready for sale.

Stacy Hayes Jan 20, 2022

Kene and his employees are truly amazing. There's no way I could've done what they've done! They were so compassionate and kind. If I would've paid to clean out my home, I would've wasted weeks if not months. Victoria is 2nd to none, Thank you!

Linda Sylvain Jan 10, 2022

Kene and his crew were amazing to work with! they took care of everything for me I didn't have to worry about a thing. They were able to help me with my estate sale, online auction, clean my house, do a clear out of the home and move me to my new home without any issues. if you are looking for a company that could do it all this is it.

Paula Wolk Oct 10, 2021

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