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Jim S. Apr 06, 2024

We needed to downsize and reached out to several companies to help. Caring Transitions were the ones we felt most comfortable with, and boy I'm glad we chose them! Ken'E and team were responsive and professional. They helped us pack, move and even got our stuff settled in our new place. Their pricing was the easiest to understand, and we felt they offered us the best overall value - certainly when we consider the peace of mind they brought us! Overall they handled the entire process with professionalism and respect. We could couldn't be happier, and have already recommended them to several friends!

Kristine S. Mar 06, 2024

They did exactly what they said they would and what we would have never been able to do. They were totally honest with us and helped get our expectations in line. Kenny, Skip and Ben were all so amazing and helpful and honest. We were new to this having lived in our home 16 years and moved across the country with a deadline. From the beginning they helped us reshape our thinking and get a more realistic perspective. We never could have gotten it done without this team. I can't say enough how absolutely great they were. I would recommend them in a heartbeat. We paid for time and that is what they provided. I have nothing but good things to say.

Marita K. Mar 05, 2024

These guys saved my sanity. They listened, they communicated, were thorough and reliable. They earn every dollar they charge and did it on my timetable. They moved, they set up and even helped my brother with technical stuff.

Tim C. Aug 05, 2023

My father and step-mother were getting too old for Denver winters, so we all decided it was time for them to move west to be nearer to family.  They had lived in their large home in Parker for 30 years and were moving into a furnished condo.  Needless to say, there was a lot to get rid of.  As a family, we decided to hire Caring Transitions and trust Ken'E and his crew to take care of the estate sale, and cleanout of the house.  Needless to say, I'm very happy with that choice.  Ken'E and his crew and family were thorough with their quote, taking the time to explain everything and answer my dad's questions.  When it came time to do the sale, they managed everything well and sold as much as they could.  As for the clean-up, it was nothing short of remarkable that Ben's crew could get the remaining contents of the house sorted for donation and landfill and get it all out of the house in one day.  On the whole, the Caring Transitions team did everything they said they would do and they did it all on time.  Yes, it costs money, but Ken'E was up front about the estimated costs the whole way through.  My family and I are grateful for the professionalism and hard work of the Caring Transitions team and I would recommend them wholeheartedly.

Heather Sylvain Jan 03, 2023

This note is so long overdue it is embarrassing but no less heart felt!! Moving in general can be taxing, but moving my 92-year old Mom from Denver, Colorado to Spanish Fort, Alabama, this summer was a monumental challenge at best! With that said, Ken’E Stocks and Caring Transitions of Denver Central made a monumental difference in making the move far less stressful and much more organized than I could have done alone. Understanding, patience, and professionalism are key business practices and were invaluable to me as I was also dealing with the death of my younger sister. Ken’E and Caring Transitions provided tissues for the tears, amazing guidance and organization that undoubtedly were lifesaving for me and helped me through an extremely difficult time! To say I highly recommend Ken’E goes without saying and I hope I have conveyed that message!!! Again, many thanks to Ken’E and Caring Transitions for a job well done and keep up the great work! 10/2022