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Vivian Spahr Jun 25, 2024

Caring Transitions of Lancaster owned by Alex King has an excellent team. Sue Witmer was a superb team leader. She led the hard working team to prepare, conduct, and distribute several hundreds of groups of items for an online estate sale auction. They knew how to group items to attract more buyers and took multiple photos of each group to give the best and accurate visual representation. The team also carried out the 'cash & carry' when buyers came to pick up the purchased items. Also, the team carried out numerous trips to donation sites to minimize throwing out useable items. The trash collection was the expense that was hardest to anticipate and was quite costly. As long as you have the expectation that the estate sale and cash & carry will not make a ton of money, but you will meet your ultimate goal of downsizing or liquidating an entire estate, you will not be disappointed. Sue also took care of sweeping the house afterwards and took photos of items that were donated for my tax return records. The house looked clean and empty when done. I highly recommend Caring Transitions of Lancaster. They saved me countless additional hours of trying to remove an entire house full of items that had accumulated over 50 years. Now my parent's house is ready for the next owner. Thank you CT Lancaster team!

Connie R Burke Jun 23, 2024

Fabulous people who are great at the service they offer!

Bridgett Mead Jun 18, 2024

They are friendly and super helpful. They take great pictures and answer any question I send them. Any family would be very satisfied along with buyers!

bill Sloat Jun 18, 2024

Lovely helpful people. They were all thoughtful and patient. It was very hot outside and packing and carrying was a struggle. They allowed me and several other older people to move at their own pace. A good experience and I will do this again (towards winter-haha)

Chad Short Jun 18, 2024

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