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Karen Gifford Jan 26, 2022

Mary Ellen and her team were right on time! I had the task of organizing, selling/donating a houseful of items that belonged to my elderly aunt and her late husband. I had taken care of the house for five plus years, however it became evident that family members either didn't want any of the things still remaining or they were unable to take them for various reasons. The house needed to be emptied and readied to sell. Mary Ellen and Haley completely explained the process and walked me through it. They organized, cataloged, and photographed all the items and an online auction was conducted. It was such a joy to work with them and they kept me informed each step of the way. It was a huge relief to have someone take the time and care that they did with my aunts belongings and understood the emotional attachment associated with them. Their name truly denotes their business!! I highly recommend them.

Ron Bair Dec 14, 2021

The two men who were the muscle worked their butt off. Were very polite and respectful and professional. The lady that helped with packing and engineering the entire operation not only did a wonderful job...my father and I were going thru a stressful day and I don't know if we could have gotten thru it without her....she truly...sincerely cared and helped more than words can describe get us thru this day ..with her attitude...her respect...her smile her truly caring....I feel I owe this company more than the bill....there value is much higher! I don't do surveys....but I owe them for their help! The cannot be beat...they r the Pinnacle of there profession! Ron Bair Jr

Glenn Dec 09, 2021

When it’s time for your parents to downsize from their long time family home to a smaller retirement home, the moving process can be daunting. My family engaged the services of Caring Transitions to help us. They managed everything from start to finish, auctioning and donations of unneeded items, packing everything for the move, unpacking and putting away everything at the new home. Caring Transitions is professional, reliable, and took the stress out of the moving process. I highly recommend them!

Alex Knight Dec 08, 2021

Mary Ellen and her team are so pleasant to work with. They are knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend them to anybody

Jeanine Snyder Dec 08, 2021

Mary Ellen and her team are absolutely amazing! My family was thrown into an unexpected situation where we needed to quickly sell my in-laws home and move them into assisted living. We tried to start on our own but it was extremely difficult. Mary Ellen and her team came in and not only cleaned out the house but were able to make a significant amount of money from the estate sale. The best part was a lot that we though was junk Mary Ellen was able to get sold. I would absolutely recommend her and Caring transitions to anyone who needs help, especially in those extremely difficult situations where you feel like you are barely keeping your head above water.