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Jon Clark Mar 09, 2023

Alex and his team did a wonderful job helping my parents downsize into their new apartment. They made sure any important family items weren't lost in the move and sorted, photographed and listed a household of items for auction is just a couple of weeks. It would have take my family months to do this. Thank you Caring Transitions for a job well done!

Emily Dennis Feb 07, 2023

Caring Transitions was exactly the service I needed. They made the process of clearing out my dad's place very easy. The whole experience of preparing the house for the new owners was incredibly less difficult and stressful because of Caring Transitions. I strongly recommend them.

B.A. Erickson Feb 05, 2023

Faced with a MONUMENTAL task and an unbelievably short timeline, Caring Transitions of Lancaster was a GOD SEND!!! The entire team of dedicated workers made the whole process seem like less of a burden and more of a beautiful release that would allow us to move beyond grief, sorrow and frustration, on to a brighter path! There are no words of gratitude that are sufficient to express our experience with Caring Transitions of Lancaster.

Mike Davis Oct 17, 2022

CT of Lancaster did a fantastic job getting everything out of my dad's house so that we could move him to assisted living out of state. Everyone on the team was efficient, professional, and a pleasure to work with. I would absolutely recommend them for anyone in a similar situation.

Ron Bair Dec 14, 2021

The two men who were the muscle worked their butt off. Were very polite and respectful and professional. The lady that helped with packing and engineering the entire operation not only did a wonderful job...my father and I were going thru a stressful day and I don't know if we could have gotten thru it without her....she truly...sincerely cared and helped more than words can describe get us thru this day ..with her attitude...her respect...her smile her truly caring....I feel I owe this company more than the bill....there value is much higher! I don't do surveys....but I owe them for their help! The cannot be beat...they r the Pinnacle of there profession! Ron Bair Jr