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Lisa Stanko Nov 23, 2022

Caring Transitions is a great way to find some really exciting "treasures" for yourself, your home, your family or friends! Caring Transitions of Mechanicsburg is an awesome group of people helping out others and in the process allowing YOU to find some really neat stuff. Highly recommend checking them out! I've been well pleased with my purchases and when I did hit a snag, Carolyn went above and beyond to make it right! Thanks to Carolyn and the staff for their hard work and dedication to families downsizing, moving or transitioning along their journey!

Cheryl Deitz Jun 17, 2021

Not only was this group very professional but they were "caring" as well during this difficult time. They worked fast and efficiently and answered any questions I might have had. I would use them again if the need should arise.

Neil Fair Apr 29, 2021

Caring Transitions came to the house and was meticulous in how they handled and displayed the many dishes, antiques, and household items. They handled the entire process so family did not need to be involved in all the work in selling the contents. Great Job!! Would hire them again. Thanks.