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Cody Kite Warth Nov 20, 2022

Achla Karnani, CEO provides poor service and does not follow through. I paid my invoice for the items I purchased. I received another invoice of which I asked for clarification, found out it was for shipping. I was unable to pay the shipping invoice immediately due to a hospital stay. Ms. Karnani resold my lot and refused to issue any credit. Her communications were condescending and she further refused to communicate with me. All I wanted was the money I paid to her since I did not receive my items. She claims if invoices are not paid timely, items will be resold. This is somewhat understandable, however I paid my lot invoice immediately and Ms. Karnani denied me my lot or a refund.

Darby Morgan Nearing Oct 24, 2019

Very professional, friendly and caring! Highly recommend so helpful in every way! Wonderful to do business with! Darby Nearing