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Don Bragen Feb 28, 2024

Rebecca at Caring Transitions is professional, personable and she gets the job done. Everything is handled with care and nothing falls through the cracks. Working with Rebecca reminded me what it was like to deal with an actual person. It's lovely! I can highly recommend Caring Transitions of Augusta.

Margaret Robertson Feb 13, 2024

Exceptional service, outstanding communication, excellent results.

Green Jade Jan 28, 2024

During the process of selling our house, we had the pleasure of working with Andy Beard and the team Caring Transitions of Augusta. We wanted to quickly clean out everything in the house. Andy was very efficient in moving everything out of the house within days which allowed us time to prep the house for the market. Andy communicated with us every step of the way and helped to ready the house. The group worked very diligently to make sure that everything was sold swiftly. Andy is always easy to get in touch with and kept us informed throughout the entire process. Andy and Caring Transitions of Augusta were able to ease us through this difficult process and we loved working with him and his entire group.

Krystie Minahan Jan 27, 2024

I have loved purchase from CT Bids Augusta. With 3 kids and working as a nurse, traditional estate sales don’t work for my schedule. I love knowing the date and times of pickups, being able to set my max bid, and find unique items not overpriced at goodwill! Do yourself a favor and bid! But not on what I want πŸ˜‰ Photos of paintings I bought and ADORE!

INFP me Jan 05, 2024

Have utilized only one part of this company- the purchasing portion. I can't speak on downsizing or estate specifics as they do not apply in my instance. The Positive: I have used more than just one contractor with Caring Transitions in the area when I have placed bids, bought items, and I have generally been very pleased with how clear they describe the item they are selling, how blunt they are with the facts & flaws (should there be any), and how fast they are to respond to questions on items posted. I haven't bought an item and felt like anyone through this service has ever misrepresented or attempted to mislead me by falsely hyping an item or making claims that fall short. The Negative: I HATE the new site soooo much. It is peak 1995 tech. Like- no kidding- PRETTY sure that AOL did it better and dial up would be less than a pain in the d**K! πŸ™„ Maybe it's just meant to discourage Iphone users..? I mean.. If so, it's working! πŸ˜† I can't STAND it. And- sorry- I just don't drag my laptop around - And I don't think my desktop is even plugged in anymore really... 🫀 Bummer. Your 'fix' is throwing 'errors' and I just don't think I've got it in me... This is why I almost gave you 2 stars, not 4. BUT... Maybe there's a way around it? πŸ˜† Or Maybe it'll be revamped? The Ugly: All of the people I have dealt with have been super great! So helpful and kind. Well- except ONE dude- and he wasn't the owner as I have seen pictures. This fellow was older. Rounder. Rude. I'm pretty sure his job is to be a hall monitor. He doesn't move but sits in one spot and snarks. He snarked- not directly AT me- but in my direction- when we arrived to pick up an item that we had driven about an hour- hour and a half to pick up- and said something not unlike- 'Are They suppose to be here? We can make them leave..' - or something NOT unlike that- on one meeting. So charming, eh? πŸ˜‰ Another time, I stood directly in front of him, as he fiddle with paper work and actively ignored me for the better part of 15 minutes. I had driven about 45 mins to pick up my item. He then helped people before he helped me. I figure the next time - IF there's a next time- I should bring a bell if he be there so I can get his attention- though Honestly, I'd be FAR happier knowing his name- and knowing which ones he would be in attending so that I could personally avoid. Who needs another asshole in your life? πŸ˜’ Not me. Hard pass. But- hey- everyone else- they have been super! The South Augusta CT bids group is more relaxed and low keep. They don't have as many events, but the people are super friendly and they don't have any rude people in the yard. They have been a joy. I have also bought & had things sent, too. There are many who are great this way! I'd recommend giving it a shot if you are tempted but know it does take way longer than you might expect. But I did get everything & it was well packed. Shipping was reasonable.' Hope this helps anyone who is considering placing a bid. It's fun. Give it a shot! Might find a bargain or two. ☺️ Use an Android and avoid that rude creeper- you'll be golden!