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Angela Crawford Sep 14, 2023

The Caring Transitions team of Cedar Rapids / Iowa City did an excellent job in helping my family clear out my aunt's apartment following her passing. Caring Transitions is the perfect name for this company - the care and support they provided during this transition was impeccable. Ty, Lisa, and the rest of the team helped us in such a timely, professional, and supportive way. Their contribution truly took a weight off of my family during this difficult time. I highly recommend their services.

Tom Carsner Aug 16, 2023

My family used Caring Transitions twice in a year for moves in Iowa City. Though our collection was not large, they gave us detailed attention in preparation and the day of the move went smoothly. Easy to work with. Fast but careful in packing and unpacking. Patient in listening to our directions where to take each piece. The price is reasonable and competitive. Well recommended to others.

Kyle Ugarph May 28, 2023

So easy to work with! Ty is great with communication and extremely professional. Would highly recommend!

ailee sak Oct 24, 2022

Caring Transitions is amazing! My 90 year old mother was moving from her home in CR to an apartment in the independent living section of Cottage Grove Place. CT provided 3 packers on Wednesday, a moving team of 3 strong guys and a packer to pack the bed linens, towels and toiletries and coffee pot we used the last evening and morning in my mother’s home on Thursday morning, and 2 unpackers at the new apartment. Each team was thoughtful and careful, and worked quickly and deliberately, yet listened to my mom’s stories and concerns. They recreated her bedroom in the new apartment, carefully unpacked her wedding china and all kitchen items, made the beds and set up the furniture and moved it until we were happy with the location, set up the bathrooms and took away ALL moving boxes and packing materials. By late afternoon, my mom was comfortably situated in her new apartment among her things. It looked like she had moved in months, not hours, before. All that was left to do was hang wall clocks, paintings and pictures. It was truly amazing. They are so nice and truly caring. I can’t recommend them enough. My mom had a lot of anxiety about the move but they made her happy and content, and she enjoyed joking around with them. They made what could have been a scary and sad day a joyful event.

Monica Hayes Apr 18, 2021

I have had several interactions with the amazing staff from Caring Transitions. I work with many people looking to "right-size" in the real estate industry and always feel confident in recommending Caring Transitions to assist them with their needs. Whether its a small job or the whole downsize Caring Transition gets the job done in a timely, economic manor. AND they do it all with a caring heart.