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Susan Townsend Nov 18, 2022

I cannot speak highly enough about Caring Transitions. They were highly recommended to me to help assist with the very overwhelming and emotional task of sorting through my parents home, after they both passed. As an “only child”, I really needed help and guidance. The entire experience, from first contact, was a positive one. Every member of this team is hard working, efficient, professional, skilled at what they do, and kind. The “ caring” part of their name is genuine. Communication was smooth, always prompt replies and answers following any phone, text, or email contact. They worked quickly and were so efficient. I was amazed at how smoothly the estate sale went, and greatly preferred the online auction style they utilized. I also appreciated not having to be present. They were careful to ask me about any leftover items, to keep or donate, and the final cleanout process was so helpful and went very well also. I cannot recommend Caring Transitions enough.

W H Wilson IV Aug 19, 2022

I'm located in Canaan' NH but was Executor for my sisters estate in Charleston, SC. My Attorney I contacted by luck, Brush Law Firm of Charleston, SC recommended a realtor Kim Boerman Owner/Agent also of Charleston, SC who in turn recommended Caring Transitions. At my age and inability to travel I felt this to be an impossible task but instead the process would of been more difficult to accomplish in my home town. What a spectacular team they made for me. W H Wilson IV

James Lane May 27, 2022

Amazing company! I can't say enough good things about my experience and CTC's services. I sincerely believe they truly do a remarkable job, highly recommend.

Ron Rovner Sep 05, 2021

My two brothers and I had to move our parents from their condo to an assisted living facility that was almost an hour away from their condo. My wife found “Caring Transitions of Charleston” and I called them. I immediately found this understanding, caring and VERY hard working local business to be exactly what I/we needed. Jessica (the owner) is kind, professional, and knowledgeable in every aspect of helping seniors transition forward. Jessica and her team met with my parents and listened to everything they asked for and wanted done for their move. Jessica and her team already knew the layout of the assisted living facility, so they were able to put together a drawing of their new living space and go over it with my folks to ensure that what they wanted to bring would fit into the unit. This was no easy task, but they were able to get that part of the equation done much more quickly than we ever could since they knew what would fit and what wouldn’t. Caring Transitions arranged for the move, brought in their own movers (who were careful—-NOTHING broke or was even scratched!). The movers packed AND unpacked everything. They set up the television sets and even transferred refrigerated food in coolers to the new place. They are also fully licensed real estate agents and handled all of the prep work as well as the eventual sale of their condo. They arranged for painters and carpet cleaners to get the condo into the best possible condition for sale. The best part of all of this is that they will do whatever you want to them to do—-you can have them handle some, part or all of their move and you only pay for what you ask them to handle. We had them handle 100% of the entire relocation and sale of the condo and we are EXTREMELY happy with their work. I highly recommend this business to help you and your family do whatever part (or all) of your senior family member’s move needs are when you have to relocate them to assisted living (or any other type of living arrangement). I/we give this business an A+ !! Ron R, Charlotte, NC

Kathy Simons Dec 09, 2020

Caring Transitions was very responsive and flexible during the pandemic and through really awful conditions on the other end of an out of state move for my elderly loved one. They treated him with dignity, showed me grace and helped with the tension in a difficult situation. HIGHLY recommend!