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Kimberly Horton Feb 01, 2023

I can’t say enough great things about Caring Transitions of Cincinnati East! They were wonderful to work with and they went above and beyond what was expected! Highly recommend!!!

Mark 510 Nov 07, 2022

My name is Mark Sipe. Recently, my 90 year old mother passed away. It became apparent soon after, that clearing her estate at her condominium was going to be an overwhelming task for me. After some delay and upon recommendation of cemetary administrators where my mother is at rest, I called Gina Siegel at Caring Transitions of Cincinnati East for help with estate clearance. My call was returned almost immediately by Kim Billings, an associate of Gina's, who took control of everything for me. There are a number of services available, very well explained by Kim and also on this website. I elected to sell some items to a private buyer and donate the rest to those in need. A very efficient and hard working crew had the condo completely cleared in a day. If you are grieving the loss of a loved one and find it difficult to face an estate clearance task as I did, please call Gina Siegel at Caring Transitions of Cincinnati East. They are fast, efficient, and as it says in the title of their company, very "caring". I had a very satisfying experience with every associate that I interacted with at Caring Transitions of Cincinnati East and I highly recommend their services

Johanna McCormick Sep 21, 2022

Losing a loved one is an emotional and painful experience. When faced with handling all my mother’s things upon her passing, I was completely overwhelmed. I am so grateful to Gina and her team for helping me navigate through this difficult process. Their professionalism and kindness was simply the best. I’m not sure what I would have done without their assistance. I can’t say enough positive words!

Sam Johnston Jun 13, 2022

My mother and father both passed away within 7 weeks of one another. With all of my siblings living out of town, my wife and I were faced clearing their home, dividing possessions, shipping items across the country, auctions/donations/trash hauling/paper shredding...in addition to settling their estates. Losing aging parents can be daunting. Gina and her team at CT are compassionate supporters. They stepped up, provided guidance and expertise, and completed the job, saving us much time, effort, and expense. I can't recommend Caring Transitions enough!

Bev Guenther Feb 25, 2022

Wow. I can’t say enough about Gina and her team. I was overwhelmed with my sister’s condo. So much stuff! Gina and her team came in on Monday and started and they were done organizing by Thursday. They decluttered and grouped items for sale and brought a dumpster to get rid of things. They had the online sale and managed it so well. Everything was well organized, done in a timely manner. The team members ended up being like a family to me. They are kind, caring, hard working and diligent. I highly recommend them! ❤️