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Lloyd Hutchinson Dec 20, 2022

Having made several moves during my 22 years in the military I can say, without hesitation that Caring Transitions is by far the best moving company we ever had. This was the 2d move that Caring transitions moved us in the past 5 years and it was the best!!! All we had to do was leave everything in our apartment as is and they packed everything and took it to our new apartment and when we arrived everything was set up to include beds made, family photos on the wall, refrigerator and pantry stocked with food, TVs & Computer, printer and internet all set up. The cost may be higher than other movers but it is well worth it since we did not have to pack or unpack any of our belongings. The movers were the most courteous and helpful people we ever had in any of our previous moves. I highly recommend this company to anyone contemplating a move!

Mark Zimmerman Dec 18, 2022

The entire team we worked with at Caring Transitions was professional, courteous, friendly, and extremely responsive. Our moving and clean-out situation was complicated and changes were needed at the last minute, and everyone at Caring Transitions worked very hard to accommodate our needs. Communications were excellent, which was critical since we are not located in the city where the work was being done. And despite the complications, the team was able to complete everything we needed AND keep the cost under the estimate. I highly recommend Caring Transitions without any reservations; you won't go wrong in working with them.

Raisa Iversen Nov 11, 2022

Wonderful Experience, Awesome workers..Thank You so much !!!

Pamela Sanderson Mar 28, 2022

Caring Transitions is a company I trust for anything related to downsizing and moving. Michelle Begg and her team can handle anything from a simple one room pack and move up to selling the contents and house of any size or location! Simply stated, you’ll be glad you called them!

MarLane Knuppel Mar 12, 2022

Recently Michelle Begg and her amazing team helped my elderly neighbor move from her beloved home into a much smaller, retired living apartment village. As one can imagine, it was a very emotional and sensitive time for my sweet neighbor having to leave her home that held years and years of memories. I was there beginning to end and cannot say enough good things about how carefully and sensitively they handled the move. Sonia Royer was incredibly kind and understanding and she listened! The importance of listening and hearing what the client is saying cannot be emphasized enough and Sonia did that with such grace and kindness. I was completely amazed with what the team was able to get done in such a short amount of time. On final moving day, by the time I got to the apartment, it was completely set up with pictures on the wall, books on the bookshelves, all furniture perfectly placed, clothes in the closets and even the bed made up EXACTLY as my neighbor had it in her home. This company is appropriately titled "Caring Transitions" as they truly care about their clients and making the difficult transition from one chapter to the next as easy and as pleasant as possible. I highly recommend this company and the work that they do! Thank you Michelle and Sonia and the rest of your team!