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Belinda Davis Jan 27, 2022

This should have been written many months ago. I have been buying from Devan and Bobby since they took over this Caring Transitions. Talk about a refreshing Experience. Before they bought it I would buy occasionally due to not so friendly service. Since these two have taken over there has not been a sale that I have not bid on. Even if it's just little things. These two work awesome together and show how much they enjoy what they do and working with people. I have NEVER seen them get frustrated or upset with customers or their employees. They are always willing to help anyway possible.They do great with their descriptions and letting the customer know everything possible about each item. Their sales are always clean, safe and professional. It is always a pleasure doing business with the two of them and I always look forwards to their emails with the new sale. I am so blessed to be one of their customers and see their smiling faces each time I win. Please check out their sales. You will not be disappointed.

Lorinda DeLeau Jul 08, 2021

We used Scot and his crew when we needed to clean out my parents house. They did an amazing job and we would use them again!

Jaccie Neb Oct 08, 2019

Kim and her crew have always been very helpful and courteous. I love the caring transitions services! Thank you!

Joanne Olsson Jan 05, 2018

I highly recommend this company. An invaluable service. They completely took over the painful overwhelming job of emptying out a residence of a family member who unexpectedly died. They deserved the upfront charge and brought in more money than we anticipated. This service will be increasing needed as boomers age.

Carolb Berumen Dec 15, 2017

Their web site is easy to follow, easy to bid, (your account is password protected), has a hold area for items that you are watching, several pictures of each item which have honest descriptions, items are clean, easy to (secure) pay........The Kim Mary crew is all very nice......pick up time is very organized. I've bought items at several of their sales......never a problem.