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Holly Clinton Jan 05, 2019

I cannot say enough good things about the team at Caring Transitions, both in Houston and in Arlington! Gina was so professional and very easy to work with. My parents recently moved from Assisted Living in Houston to Assisted Living in Arlington to be closer to me. My dad, who has Alzheimer’s, was extremely reluctant about the move, especially since he has lived in Houston for more than 50 years. Once he saw that his 1 bedroom living area was set up EXACTLY like it was in Houston, he was relieved and so thrilled. The team in Houston did a fantastic job replicating the layout of their original apartment by taking pictures of everything. Then the team in Arlington placed their stuff in the exact same way it was in Houston, which is very helpful for someone living with Alzheimer’s. They made our lives 100x easier because they were so incredibly easy to work with. As someone who has moved 5 times in the last 10 years I should know - moving is incredibly stressful!! But my parents and I felt none of that with them. I will definitely be using them to help sell my parents’ stuff in their storage unit - our next project!

Myra C. Jul 10, 2018

I've been to a couple of estate sales by this company and just had to post a review about how lovely this team is. Unlike many other estate sale companies, they don't treat you like a criminal, happily answer questions, and offer assistance in any way they can, including help bringing my lot to my vehicle (above and beyond their normal duties)! Love doing business with them, and wish some of the other companies would take notice of how to treat their customers!

James Pumphrey Oct 17, 2017

Gina is a thorough caring professional that puts the needs of her clients first

Cindy Mitchell Oct 17, 2017

Gina is very professional, kind and caring. Great team to get through life moves & changes.