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Lynn Hinton Sep 08, 2023

Finding out about Caring Transitions was life changing for me since I do not live in South Carolina. My mom passed away last year and she had never gone through the house after the passing of my father. These people take care of everything for you without you lifting a finger. From shipping things to your loved ones, donations, auction and getting rid of things not salvageable. Made getting thru the process of losing a loved one so much easier. They are great people to work with and I will be forever grateful for all they did for me in this process.

Tom Reddy Sep 05, 2023

When my mom and our family began the process of moving her from Myrtle Beach to Richmond, we spent a huge amount of time trying to juggle all the moving parts with a long distance move. We anticipated many trips down 95 until we met Charlene and her caring team. They took all of the worries and stress out of my mom's move! We are grateful for their kind and very organized help. Our dream of having my mom closer has come true; largely because of them.

Liz Mitchell Aug 26, 2023

Excellent reputable company for auction especially helpful to seniors who need to relocate.

Alan Bloom Aug 20, 2023

I worked with Caring Transitions on the clear out of my parents house after their passing. The process with Charlene and the entire team was seamless and exceeded expectations from the initial meeting to receipt of the final calculation after the on line estate sale. The entire team treated me, my parents house and property with respect and kindness. In addition, everyone participating in the on line auction was impressed with the organization and professionalism in which it was conducted. I give them my highest recommendation.

Ken Smith Jul 22, 2023

There are not many companies in the World that their TOP PRIORITY is to foresee any potential problems and they represent their clients as if they are Family, and they are handling every phase of the transition from Senior Independent Living to Senior Assisted Living, including analyzing future residence and planning the design! And every single person at the company is great to work with, and I don’t have a concern in the world being 3 States away! God Bless Caring Traditions.