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Diana Fiedotin Jan 15, 2023

Lisa and her team were terrific! Spent a good bit of time at my mom's condo and her new apartment to determine what she could bring and where to place it so she could bring as much as possible, gently helped her make decisions that she would never have been able to make on her own, and treated the packing and unpacking as if they were moving their own things. It was such an easy process for my family, and wonderful for my mom to walk in and have everything in place, clean, already "home." She is very happy in her new place and I know a big part of the transition was how easy Lisa, Brook, Taj, Gratia, and everyone else made it for her. And frankly, for us too. We are very grateful and highly recommend them.

Tricia young Oct 13, 2022

My father recently passed away suddenly from the home that I grew up in and he had lived for over 50 years. My sister and I both lived out of state. I was overwhelmed to say the least until a friend told me about Michael at Caring Transitions. He was like an angel sent to me and my family. He was trustworthy and so calming and easy to work with. I gave him a key to the home and he worked so hard to sell the treasures of my parents that my sister and I were not able to take with us. The house was completely cleaned and ready for sale in no time and the price was very fair. I couldn't believe it. I highly recommend Michael and Caring Transitions! I can't thank them enough and will be forever grateful for their care for me, my sister and my childhood home. They made a very emotional and challenging situation pleasant.

Scott Thomas Aug 29, 2022

The team at Caring Transitions of Atlanta were nothing short of AMAZING. My parents are 85 and 82, and moving them from Palm Coast, FL, to an Independent Living facility closer to my home in Atlanta was a big decision for us. The team in Palm Coast coordinated with the Caring Transitions team in ATL. The entire process was seamless, and we couldn't have accomplished the move without their help. The ATL team unpacked every box, hung pictures, and organized my parents' clothes in the closet. When my parents entered the door at their new place in ATL, it felt like home on the first day. It was truly amazing and made this difficult transition much easier for my parents. If you are planning a senior move, I strongly recommend you contact Lisa and her team. They genuinely care about the well-being and safety of their clients, and they are worth every penny.

Jennifer Buigut Jul 30, 2022

It was a breeze working with Caring Transitions. They handled all of the details and helped make moving easy. Highly recommend!

Kerry Browen Jan 12, 2022

My husband and I are both customers and clients of Caring Transitions. Our vintage collection became overwhelming so we reached out to Mike DeLeon for help downsizing. He made the entire sales process easy and streamlined. Sometimes it's hard to let hand-selected, prized possessions go but it was a positive and freeing experience. The amount of time, stress, and coordination it would have taken us to do a sale on would have been more than double. We highly recommend Caring Transitions (ctbids.com) to help you with your life's next transition. Having the right support, tools, and system will make all the difference. Best regards, Kerry Browen