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Alisa Jones Jul 31, 2021

I always have a good experience when shopping the auctions. The on site estate sales are also amazing to attend and are well staffed and organized. 🙂

Belinda Davis May 21, 2021

I have been shopping with Caring Transitions for a few years now. Nothing but pure professionalism. Ryan is always Johnny on the spot to answer any question I have before bidding and is great at letting me know the location of a item and if it is heavy or not. This helps me prepare to bring the right help to pick up. It is great to know up front that the prices change daily or even every second since anyone that wants to bid can increase their bids. It is like a in person auction yet no one can tell right away that someone else is bidding against them. It is explained in good terms that you have a buyers premium, and taxes before bidding so as long as you read the terms first everyone should be aware the cost up front of each item. The description of each item he posts is great at letting you know if something has a chip, crack or doesn't work. I love the honesty this company gives. If you are looking for good deals and good quality items this is the place to be. Keep in mind you are responsible for yourself so ask questions if you do not know for sure on something and be prepared if it is a popular item we will all be bidding on it so don't expect to get that item for 1.00. On the other hand you may be surprised that the one item you thought would be very expensive you may just win for 1.00. Caring Transitions has absolutely no control of the prices. And to the person who wrote the review before mine shame on you for thinking that because you are a veteran you should not have to pay taxes. I appreciate your service but just as my husband is a veteran we still pay uncle Sam our percentage for every item we purchase anywhere. Thank you Ryan and your crew for such professionalism. I enjoy bidding with your company to see what I can win. Hope to see your new auction soon.