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lee jenison Feb 15, 2022

Sending photo of recent purchase!!! Love shopping here!

blessings Oct 10, 2020

What a great group of people. They were very knowledgeable, helpful and had terrific attitudes. My sister and I attended an estate sale in Waterloo, Sat Oct 10th. Joyce🙂

Ross Harder Jul 10, 2020

My daughter and I had the responsibility of taking care of my uncle's estate. He had no children or other family members nearby. We had been through this experience with my mother four years before and knew that it can at times feel overwhelming. My uncle's home was in another town which made things more difficult. Caring Transitions was recommended to us by a friend so we hired them to remove and sell the contents of the home. Let me say that it was above and beyond our expectations. They emptied the home quickly, cleaned up afterwards and sold the contents a short time later. After the sale the profits were deducted from the moving bill which even after their cut left us with only a very small amout due. We were so happy. Caring Transitions made our task so much easier.

Jon Wessels Jun 20, 2020

Could not be more proud of the CT team of NE Iowa. "Caring" is the key and the staff is all that.

Greg Geist Aug 25, 2019

What an amazing group! Kerri and her team will do everything needed to move a loved one to a new home.. They handle every detail in a move in a caring, friendly manner. It made things so easy for me in Arizona to move my mother's items twice.. once from her home to a retirement facility in Iowa, then once again to an assisted living community nearer to me in Arizona. Keep up the great work Kerri and thanks once again!