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Diane Vandenelzen Jun 09, 2023

Caring Transitions Mary Kay and Paul Minnis, is a fantastic company that offers valuable assistance to individuals and families who are downsizing, transitioning to a new home or to help to settle an estate. Their dedicated team understands the challenges and emotional aspects involved in such processes and strives to provide compassionate support every step of the way. One of the standout features of Caring Transitions is their personalized approach. They work closely with clients to create customized plans that suit their specific needs and circumstances. Whether it's organizing belongings, sorting items for donation or sale, packing, or coordinating the logistics of the move, Caring Transitions ensures a smooth and efficient process. Clients often appreciate the extensive network of resources that Caring Transitions brings to the table. They have connections with professional organizers, estate sale companies, real estate agents, and other relevant services, which can be invaluable in streamlining the downsizing or moving experience. This comprehensive network helps to alleviate stress and simplify the entire transition. Another key aspect of Caring Transitions is their commitment to integrity and trust. They understand the significance of personal belongings and handle them with utmost care and respect. Clients can feel confident that their possessions will be handled responsibly, and their privacy will be respected throughout the entire process. Overall, Caring Transitions is a reliable and compassionate company that offers exceptional services for downsizing and moving transitions. Their attention to detail, personalized approach, and commitment to client satisfaction make them a top choice for individuals seeking professional assistance during these significant life changes.

Jean Minten Jun 06, 2023

I have referred many clients to Mary and Paul. All of them thought the service they provided was excellent. Exceedingly nice professional people to work with!

Amanda Rueckheim Aug 27, 2022

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cynthia maas Jun 14, 2021

They have always been very professional and very helpful. Both Mary Kay and her husband have been more than accommodating when working with them. I find the products are of good quality and the descriptions are accurate. I enjoy working with them very much and follow all their estate sales.

Todd Pamperin Jun 10, 2021

Absolutely love Caring Transitions and the Green Bay team! Both Paul and Mary Kay are always responsive and are very open to any concerns that I've ever brought to them. Companies like this work very hard to please both the client and the buyer, and I feel they've worked hard to strive for satisfaction for both parties. I've enjoyed every sale both online and in person. This company is one of the few that I love working with every opportunity I have. Good luck team and hope to see you soon!