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Daniel Stiles Mar 09, 2023

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Peggy Cheever Jan 14, 2023

Highly recommend without hesitation Susie & her team. Susie met with our family and explained the process. We stepped aside & Susie’s team executed the plan. We really appreciated the staging of the items sold online. The auction draws a large audience even for a smaller auction like ours. Great service!

Lauren Kingsbery Jan 02, 2023

Susie Hofland and her team at Caring Transitions of Rapid City conducted a small online estate sale for us that far exceeded our expectations. They started and finished on time, selected items for the auction and left us with a clean, empty apartment when it was over, which was our goal. Thanks Caring Transitions of Rapid City!

Tarl Pearman Jun 07, 2022

Susie was a pleasure to work with. She was easy to communicate with when I had questions, since I had never done this sort of thing before. And the crew that did the sorting was efficient and knowledgeable about what items were salable and which were not. They even found some old family photos we had missed and returned them.

Jill Lesselyoung May 10, 2022

Caring Transitions does an excellent job with their auction service. Their items are well photographed with good descriptions so you can easily shop with confidence! Susie does a great job administering and is always readily available for any questions. She is exceptional! They are highly organized and efficient. I highly recommend!