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Andrew Nagy Aug 24, 2023

Brad and his team did a great job of assessing the value of the belongings left in my brother's house after he passed away, and quickly and professionally was able to sell many of the items at auction, and disposed of what was left. I was so pleased with his service and professionalism that I also hired him as my realtor, and he successfully sold the house at a fair price. Brad was a great help during a difficult time.

Carol Bradanini Aug 01, 2023

Losing my Mom was so hard for me. She was my best friend. I live out of state and contacted Brad at Caring Transitions. His team did an amazing job of getting her home ready to put on the market and removing the items that my sister and I couldn't bring with us. It was a huge burden lifted from my shoulders. God Bless Brad and his team! I appreciate them and all their hard work.

Linda Light Jul 19, 2023

Caring Transitions did an amazing job clearing out my father's home so we could prepare it for sale. They took care of every little detail and kept in close contact with me, which I appreciated since I live out of state. I would highly recommend them.

Juliette Burnett Jun 29, 2023

I can't say enough good things about Brad and Caring Transitions! My father passed unexpectedly and my mother fell very ill. The thought of having to plan for the future while also packing up their house of over 10 years was daunting. I found Brad and his team and he treated me with such kindness and patience! His team went the extra mile when it came to really making sure I didn't leave behind anything sentimental and worked with my crazy timeline. There were so many things I had to worry about and plan and knowing that packing up the house and doing an estate sale wasn't one of them was priceless! Thank you Brad!!

Roy Wells May 17, 2023

At 85 with health problems, the thought of moving from a medium sized house to a senior living 1000 sq ft apartment seemed almost impossible - until I found Caring Transitions. They assisted with all the planning, did the packing and unpacking and arranged for the move. The biggest problem was arranging for the disposition of lifetime worth of accumulation of things that would not fit into the new apartment. Caring Transitions handled this issue wonderfully. They sorted the things, auctioned or sold the valuable items, donated other things to the appropriate recipients and disposed of the rest. They finished by sweeping up to leave the house clean and orderly. Best of all, the sales brought in enough money to pay for over 95 percent of all the expenses of the entire project. They did a great job and were easy to deal with.