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Ed Maier or Barbara-Ann Mattle Jan 12, 2023

Wonderful service - very professional. My friend was very pleased

Marsha Raines Jul 20, 2021

I am so grateful to have Karen as a colleague! Karen is my “go to” resource when working with an elder who needs assistance with a transition to a new home. I can depend on this team of professionals to carefully coordinate every aspect of an elder’s move. Her staff is patient, compassionate and respectful. Honest, as on multiple occasions they have notified caregiving families about “hidden” jewelry and money! As a private geriatric care manager, it is important for me to have colleagues that I can trust and collaborate with, and Karen is a gem!

Ann Henderson Jun 20, 2021

Caring Transitions was a huge help in prepping my parents’ home for sale. They organized an auction, cleared out items we did not need or want, and disposed of clothing and other goods that could be donated. They were organized, efficient, and knowledgeable. They offered advice on transporting items to the new residence and provided expertise on dissolving the home. The family is very grateful for their assistance.

Sammy Purdell Jun 04, 2021

10/10. Perfect experience from beginning to end. Karen and her team are absolute pros at what they do. My family owes a lot to them.

Cathy Helm Jun 03, 2021

We had an exceptionally good experience with Caring Transitions. They did a number of things for us: helped my mother plan her move to an independent living apartment; oversaw the packing up of all the things she decided to take with her; unpacked and set up the apartment so that it was ready for her when she arrived; came back to the apartment a few weeks later to move some boxes into the apartment building's storage room and to help my mother hang pictures; and dealt with everything that was eventually left behind in the family house--selling it, donating it, recycling it, or throwing it away. They arranged to have the house thoroughly cleaned, and then Karen, who is also a real estate agent, put the house on the market and sold it within a week. And all this was during the pandemic! They also helped me and my three siblings transport to our own home cities the things from my parents' house that we had each decided to keep. The work they did for the four of us was particularly complicated, because we live in four different states and each needed a separate set of arrangements. Caring Transitions put things in storage for two of us and sent furniture and boxes to the other two. My things had to get from Rochester, NY, to Los Angeles, and Karen Menachof and her fabulous employees worked with me to get the best price, which turned out to come from using some of the space on a moving truck that was coming across the country. They packed ten boxes of antique china, books, kitchen equipment, pictures, and keepsakes of various kinds, and every single thing arrived in LA in perfect shape. The large items they shipped included several pieces of antique furniture, as well as an eighty-year-old wooden doll house, for which they had the moving company build a special moving crate. Again, everything was in perfect shape when it got here--nothing broke or got bent or even scratched. They consistently used care and judgment in handling all of our family items. And throughout the entire process, all of the Caring Transition people showed great sensitivity to my mother and to the four "kids." For all of us, this was a very difficult and sad time, and their experience in this specialized type of work and their sympathetic attitudes helped us all tremendously. They guided us in making decisions and took as much off our shoulders as they could, without ever acting interfering or bossy. they made the process much easier than i ever imagined it could be. I cannot recommend them highly enough!