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OreElect Dec 28, 2022

John, Tania & Stacie are an incredible team who help all different types of clients through some of life's most stressful transitions. They are first class and do fantastic work from start to finish. They take care of everything and I do mean EVERYTHING. The sorting, the pricing, the staging for sale, advertising, online selling, the sale itself and the clean up afterwards. They are truly Amazing. I highly recommend. Thank you Caring Transitions! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Jane Schoonmaker Jul 15, 2022

Sales run by caring transitions are my favorite sales. They are professional. Items are clean and displayed nicely. Easy to shop. They show care for their clients. Many times I have heard John say “ I have to make money for my clients” when someone makes an offer on items that are already priced fairly. Many times I have seen Tania make sure the house stays reasonably clean when people are coming in from outside and not wiping their feet, or some other mishap happens. They are respectful of the homeowners and shoppers. Staci remains calm and pleasant when totaling items and answering peoples questions.They are grateful and appreciative for people coming to the sales. An amazing team of professional, caring people. They know what it takes to get the job done and they do it.

Tricia Maddox Behncke Jun 24, 2022

John, Stacy, and Tanya are friendly, fair, and efficient. They set clear standards and make all feel welcome. And thanks for making your regular customers feel special. We love their sales the best!

Vagabond Picker Dec 06, 2019

Super helpful and dedicated team! Stacy and John know theif craft when it comes to liquidating tons of goods in the house in short period of time in an effective and friendly manners. They stand for win-win-win relationship of the estate holder, the customers, and their professional team! Love to go to their estate sales.Well run sales with a friendly 5 star staff!

J J Mar 22, 2019

We look forward to the Caring Transitions estate sales and look for their ads on Craigslist regularly. They have great prices and quality items. John and Stacey are very friendly and remember us by name.