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Michael Toto Oct 22, 2022

Fantastic seller. Very friendly staff. Decent prices. I can definitely recommend going to their sales. Only reason for the four star rating is because they don't allow you to bring your own bags in to carry items and they can occasionally be somewhat inflexible on pricing when they maybe should be. Otherwise they're just great! Will be continuing to attend their sales.

Phyllis Dobson Feb 19, 2021

With Covid, the online auctions are the way to go! Great finds, easy to bid and pick up takes just minutes as they have everything ready for you. Well done!

ES Truth Jul 29, 2019

It is time that Denver estate sale companies are held accountable for the way they conduct themselves. My reviews will be honest and from the perspective of a re-selling buyer. Caring Transitions is the one I always look for first. They are always nice and focus on customer service. Their prices are fair to the buyers and at the same time deliver value for their clients because people don't have to wait until the second or third day to get mark down prices in order to get good value. Always well organized and well run. This is what you want in an estate sale company, regardless of which side you are coming at it from.

Lori Wolfe May 18, 2019

Kerry Meyer of Caring Transitions provided me with an invaluable service after the loss of my father. She took all of the stress of organizing and selling/donating his personal belongings off of me so that I could focus on other matters. She was easy to work with, responsive and always compassionate and professional. I believe that the service the Kerry and her team provides could benefit many others as they navigate the many challenges that we face with aging loved ones. Thank you, Kerry!!!

KyM Moore Feb 05, 2019

Wonderful job! The ladies were great and very professional. Easiest thing we have ever done when it comes to getting rid of things! 5 Stars Ladies!