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Phil Tardif Dec 24, 2022

Caring Transitions helped ease the prolonged pain of emptying out our late mother’s house, which was quite full of random items. Stacey and her compassionate crew knew just what to do with everything – what could be donated, what should be recycled, what ought to be trashed, where to take these things, etc. They helped get rid of the stuff no longer needed and then helped pack up the remaining treasured mementos and memories and even loaded them onto the moving truck, which they also helped me find. They were not judgmental of my occasionally unreasoned decisions or overbearing in how to efficiently tackle the tasks at hand; they arrived ready to ensure these important steps toward achieving at least one element of closure came off with the least difficulty. They came when you needed them and did not waste time getting the job done. I am very thankful.

Robin Shelburne May 14, 2022

THIS COMPANY. 🙌🏼 It’s tough to communicate what a tangible gift Stacey and every single team member were to our entire family during my mom’s move out of her home of 50+ years into a retirement community. There are so many things that go into something like this. I was just hoping for good, organized, as-simple-as-possible help in a not simple task. They were above and beyond in every way. Not just excellent with the logistics and packing (because they absolutely were) but here’s the 5 star part - they were excellent at being caring, thoughtful, funny, really helpful humans and making a very heart-heavy process feel somehow so much lighter because of their care and attention. What mattered to us mattered to them and we felt that through the whole process. So, so grateful.

Ary N Feb 16, 2022

I'm changing my review on Caring Transitions. After a dispute they refunded my double payment properly so I'm pleased it worked out.

Genevieve Cobabe Oct 05, 2021

Top notch service, when I had an issue with my order Stacey was on it! Feel comfortable bidding with CT Southern Delaware, they are responsive and they care!

Bobbie Unruh May 24, 2021

Stacey and her crew at Caring Transitions are wonderful! I lost my husband and son to Covid and needed to sell my home. They came in and literally did everything I needed them to do and at a very fair price. They were always kind and compassionate- truly “Caring”! They packed up some very fragile collectibles and not one thing was damaged when I moved. Many kudos to them!!