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Sheila Ganung Feb 18, 2024

Caring Transitions was great to work with. They were very nice to me, went the extra mile in every way. They made my estate sale fabulous by cleaning things, laying them out beautifully and pricing them right. Nearly everything sold. So happy used this company and would do so again.

Elisa Green Jun 11, 2023

Wynnie, Suzanne, Sophie, and Spencer, Cam, Kami, and her whole team was so magical. What would have taken us months of time, and years of therapy, took their team one week. They were fast, but they were also thoughtful and patient and gentle with us as they went through three generations of stuff. Two things that stood out to me was 1. How fierce and loyal the team was to my family, and their willingness to protect the things we wanted to keep. They really listened and followed through. 2. They were also very transparent, through the whole process they were quick to ask questions if they weren’t sure and also let us know when there was a point that they weren’t sure we would make enough to cover the bill at the estate sale. We stuck through and ended up making more than we expected and it was such a relief to know they had our best interests in mind, and communicated through out. Thank you for your patience and love! This will be a memory I’ll never forget!

Alana King Jun 06, 2023

This company is amazing! I had a client that needed to do estate sale and we tried for years to get things done by ourselves. Called this company and they had the house all done 5 days, I will defiantly be using them again. We loved working with Suzanne she was very professional and was a great resource. I will be using them again.

Ed Waldvogel Apr 20, 2023

This was the best decision! Wynnie, Suzanne and their crew were so personable, professional and knowledgable and I HIGHLY recommend their services. We had so many boxes and "trash" in our basement and garage and were overwhelmed at the thought of having to move it all after the sale of our home. They arranged and priced everything and it literally looked like an antique shop when they were done. Then after the sale, they left every room clean and took items that didn't sell to a donation center. Thank you so much Caring Transitions of the Wasatch Front!!!!

Cynthia Fuelling Feb 10, 2023

I would highly recommend Caring Transitions of the Wasatch Front. Wynnie and Suzanne were professional, communicated well, were easy to work with, were trustworthy and gave accurate recordkeeping. My parents were collectors. Caring Transitions did a total of five auctions. They did what I could not do! I am so grateful for their service.