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Chris Jacobs Jun 26, 2024

Mark, Shawn, and the team at Caring Transitions have been there every step of the way from moving my parents into independent living at a senior center, to moving my mother to memory care, to clearing out my parents' house. They are thoughtful planners, careful workers, and showed a great deal of flexibility. Plus, they're just nice folks to work with! I would recommend Caring Transitions to any seniors or family members who have an upcoming move.

Johnny Hess May 31, 2024

We hired Mark and Shawn and the team at Caring Transitions to help us through a very difficult time. My aunt urgently needed to be moved from independent living into a Memory Care facility. We had recently sold her home and moved her to a senior apartment building. At that point, we were exhausted, and the idea of moving her again was overwhelming. So I met with Mark and Shawn. It was one of the very best decisions I have ever made. Both were compassionate and understanding of our situation. Moving our aging parents and relatives is tough- it’s tough on them and it’s tough on us. They understand that. They made a plan together with me and then they flawlessly accomplished to move. They brought in the Caring Transitions team- a small group of caring, compassionate and wonderful people, and they all worked together perfectly. Everything was done exactly according to the plan. They recreated a new home for my aunt Gail and then they cleared and cleaned her previous apartment. Many of my aunt’s former belongings were donated to the organizations she wanted to suppport. In the end, the entire operation was complete and all of the stress and anxiety about the situation was gone. My aunt Gail is very happy in her new home- and so are we. The best part of all is this: I was so impressed with Mark and Shawn and their team that I decided I wanted to join them. So, we had coffee, talked it over, and now I’m a member of the Caring Transition’s Team! And again, it’s one of the very best decisions I’ve ever made. What we do is important. We work with families through what typically are very trying and stressful times. We work with great empathy and understanding of these transitions- and we effectively remove the angst and frustrations so that families can focus on relationships instead of all of the logistical headaches. When we hired Caring Transitions, it was more like we hired understanding friends- and for me, coming full circle, I now get to go to work every day with my new friends. Life’s pretty cool.

Chris Wallgren Feb 10, 2024

Five stars aren't enough to praise the great work of Shawn & Mark and their (truly) caring team of hard working, decent people. We first met them in the middle of the pandemic when they met with our parents as we had to move our dad to a memory care location. They were supremely decent to both of our parents and gave us the assurance we were in good hands. They were professional, kind, and caring. Unfortunately for us, a couple of years later, our mom needed to move to assisted living, and we called on Shawn & Mark to help with our parents' large home and lifetime of possessions. Once again, Shawn & Mark worked with our mom and with us to develop a smart, thoughtful plan for how to handle all of the possessions, and they delivered. A team of wonderful, hard-working people accomplished this huge task - always with smiles on their faces - and for a very reasonable cost. Furthermore, they are very very responsive to questions and such. I cannot say enough good things about our experiences with Shawn & Mark. They are good people who run a great business. When you end up in this tough spot in life with the big decisions and large amount of work, they will be there for you.

Jon Wallgren Jan 25, 2024

My family has used Caring Transitions more than once for several different services. Mark and Shawn and their team are hard working, honest and respectful of the circumstances and individuals involved. Additionally, they help you with the details you simply wouldn’t know on your own. I simply can’t imagine working without them. They are the best.

Michelle Anderson Jan 08, 2024

Shawn and Mark were awesome and they amazed me and my family. Besides completing the contract of "doing what they said they would" , "doing it on time" and "doing it on budget"; they did it with great compassion and care. Their ability to walk in and make a difficult transition as easy as possible is incredible. Well Done and Thank you!