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Elaine Devine Apr 19, 2023

Leigh and her team are amazing! Friendly, professional and very thorough. They made a very difficult undertaking much easier and less traumatic for us. This made clearing my Mom's home after her passing so much more manageable. They were wonderful. Highly recommended!

Kristin Leigh Apr 19, 2023

Leigh DeVoe is fantastic to work with, her descriptions, and photos are accurate and on point. The purchase process is easy, and Leigh and her crew make the pick up process seamless. Can not recommend enough. Not only is it a great experience on the buyers side, the service that she is providing on the sellers side, is invaluable. Highly recommend

Virginia Wilson Apr 18, 2023

this is the greatest team to work with they are helpful, and really have their act together. They get the auction item out in a very orderly fashion. The other companies that do online auctions do not have the same organization and the same caring qualities

Mark Rader Apr 17, 2023

Lee and her team are great to work with and I have never had any issues with purchasing from them. Best CT Auction team in the Bay Area!

Kimberly Browning Apr 14, 2023

I am a frequent bidder/buyer from CT of West Pasco and have always been truly pleased with the experience! Leigh and her team are exceptional at displaying and grouping the estate items for bidding. The website is so easy to navigate which makes bidding fun, and you will find some great items! Leigh is very organized and will group a buyers items together which makes pick-up so quick and easy!