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Glenn Currie Dec 04, 2022

wonderful experience. Leigh did exactly what she said she would do

Grace Chalela Oct 15, 2022

Leigh DeVoe and her team are priceless in value to someone like me. They are professional, honest, helpful and A 1 in their work. Without her I never would have been able to get out from under all the STUFF in my house and move into my new retirement facility. She was with me every step of the way. She is a treasure.

Star Buttry Oct 05, 2022

I've bid in several of Leigh's auctions. They are very organized and alot of fun. Items are always as promised. I've gotten so many great deals!!

Adam Carver Apr 28, 2022

Leigh and her team are amazing! They handled my Father's estate sale from A to Z. My sister and I both live out of town, so having their services was exactly what we needed. Leigh explained the whole process and timeline from the beginning, and it was delivered as promised. We felt like we made the right choice when we hired them and are so glad we did. I would highly recommend using them to anyone in need of services like this. Thank you, Leigh. You made a very difficult process much easier to deal with.

Joan Z Mar 15, 2022

Leigh Devoe is Wonder Woman. I had 30 years of many collections that just had to go. I made a decision to sell my large, disorganized, cluttered house and was lucky to get 90 days to move from the buyer. Leigh and her staff came in and started immediately. We had 3 huge sales. Leigh is so thoughtful and kind. I was especially happy to be able to donate books and usable items to a charity for Veterans. I can never thank her enough for making a difficult decision so easy. Leigh is the Best!