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Sally Ann Chisholm Feb 07, 2023

This organization has just been amazing to work with. Efficient, thorough, and just so flexible, helpful and kind. Stephanie, Sarah and crew were all excellent. I am absolutly grateful for their help with a very difficult situation.

Tor Winston Nov 23, 2022

We hired Caring Transitions to clear out several rooms and the basement of our father's house after he died this past spring. The whole team was very professional, and they did a careful and thorough job. They were also just nice people who were easy to work with. Thank you.

Fazal Nov 19, 2022

Very Professional and Always There! Stefanie and Sarah happily go out of their way to help you out in every situation before and yes, after the auction. This is one CT team that I always come back to, for their merchandise and service.

Paul Simon Nov 07, 2022

Overall very satisfied with the process and price. Thanks for all your help in making the transition seamless.

Gingy Heyler Jul 20, 2022

After I lost my husband in January, I decided to move to CO Springs to be closer to our youngest son & his family. The idea of deciding what to take, getting rid of a LOT of items, etc. was very daunting. However, our realtor recommended Caring Transitions, and they made it all possible with seemingly little effort on their part. I NEVER could have made this move, or sold our house, without them. Heartfelt thanks to all the ladies involved, including Stefanie!!!! Gingy Heyler, Evaro, MT