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Catherine Holderness Dec 08, 2022

Julie & her team are great people! I broke my hip in NY right before we were to transition me from 1800’ in Greensboro to 600’ in NYC. Julie’s team got my daughter through sorting, storing, selling and shipping. They were caring and hard working during very a challenging time!

Roland Gentry Jun 21, 2022

My brother passed away leaving a home in a retirement community that had to be cleared out within 30 days. I was the only one that could work on getting the home cleared out and cleaned up. I was advised of the services of Caring Transitions. I can not say enough good things about this company. They came in and sorted out the items that could be put on thier online auction, be given to non-profits or that needed to be disposed of. After everything was removed they cleaned the house to be turned back over to the community. The team was professional and a joy to work with. The funds recieved from the online auction more than covered thier cost plus funds to add to the estate. I highly recommend Caring Transitions of Winston Salem

Shan Nichols Mar 31, 2022

Julie and her team helped our family out with a large project involving two houses, an artist's studio and a winery tasting room after the passing of my father. Her team was able to accomplish in a few weeks what I wouldn't have been able to do myself in a few years. This job was a massive undertaking for them and they delivered perfectly. Between cleaning and sorting things, conducting five separate auctions because of the size, packing things for my grandmother's move to Florida with us they did an amazing job, and handling all during the craziness of Covid they were great. If you need help with a family estate or even downsizing Julie and her team are ready and able to do the job.