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Terri Fink Apr 14, 2021

I contacted Caring Transitions after a friend told me how much they had helped with her mother in law's estate after she passed away. I had heard horror stories of how some companies go in, take what they think they can sell and then leave you to do the rest. My family and siblings were already overwhelmed at the thought of just how much work we had ahead of us with the amount of items that my parents home contained. We even spent multiple days, multiple weekends in the house beginning the cleaning out tasks ourselves. When I first walked through my parents home with Tom, I thought he would say wow, this is a lot of stuff and maybe it's too much for CT to handle. Tom didn't bat an eye. He remained professional and confident that this was a task they could handle. We signed a contract and set a date. I was there on day 1 of the team arriving to begin the task of cleaning out my parents home and preparing the items in it for auction. Lieann and her entire team could not have shown more care and compassion for us in such an emotional situation. Lieann and I walked the entire house. Talked about the items in the house and after a debrief with her team, they immediately got to work. In 2.5 days, the team got through more than our family had gotten through in almost two months. All along the way, Lieann and Tom remained in contact with me, taking pictures if they encountered items they thought we might like to keep, finding items we knew had to be in the house but had yet to unearth, and enduring my unending stories. Never once have a I felt that my feelings weren't being validated and never once did I have any concern about what work they were doing in my parents home without me there. I struggled with one very large piece of furniture that my parents had brought back from Germany. It wasn't something that my siblings or I could place in our homes but I really struggled with letting it go (It didn't sell during the live online auction) to 1 2 3 Junk and I know Lieann and Tom could both "hear" the sadness in my texts to them. The furniture was placed on facebook marketplace and within minutes had a bid from someone that had lost their schrank to a house fire and had been looking for one to replace theirs with. Lieann immediately contacted me to let me know. I am both relieved and feel so blessed that the schrank is going to a home where it is really wanted. Tom and Lieann worked within the time frame that we originally discussed and completed all tasks on time and got the house emptied out so that the paint and carpet companies could begin their work. Had we not hired them, I would still be there pulling my hair out. I have told them that I plan to spread the good word of their work as I don't know why more people don't know about them. Thank you Tom and Lieann, from the bottom of my heart.

Marie Kulesh Jun 30, 2018

Training Fantastic. Everything is provided and also competitive pay. Best Employer