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Lambert Bittinger May 04, 2024

We had a very good experience with Careing Transitions. They are a full service moving company in clouding packing and unpacking. Tim Baker was very helpful.

Jon S Mar 19, 2024

Absolutely top-notch! A clock from a listing they were managing caught my eye and they kindly agreed to ship it to me. The packaging was done with great care & thought, and it met me over 1800 miles away in exactly the same shape as it left! Just reading some other reviews, it's clear the Baker team does a lot, and they do it all exceptionally well! As for me, I enjoy my treasure, and I thank you very much for everything!

Charles Ruby Feb 21, 2024

Great movie Very nice Definitely recommend Good value

Marilyn Wrightsman Feb 17, 2024

Great job! Helped redo my storage area. Sold some things I did not need anymore.

Janine Campbell Jan 11, 2024

Absolutely the best people working for this location and always great picker sales.