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Samantha Smith Feb 04, 2023

Lovely people providing a fantastic service for people who need help with a move, are perhaps overwhelmed by clearing out their parents or spouses "treasures" or simply wanting to completely empty a house before listing it for a sale. We have done business with them for years and are always delighted with their integrity, treatment of the owner's property and commitment to observe any and all HOA rules. People who mistakenly think it's a yard sale, obviously are not familiar with estate sales and people who are quite spoiled KAREN-types will fuss about EVERYTHING at all times ESPECIALLY when they don't get their way. Kindness wins, and Caring Transitions Southeast NC embodies kindness.

Tracy Kuhn Oct 09, 2022

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Wendy O'Steen Jan 16, 2022

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Susan Honey Jul 30, 2021

Losing my father was extremely painful. The grief is tremendous and it has made it hard for us to make decisions about what to do with the antiques he left in our care. My family and I were so grateful to have the Caring Transitions team help us through this difficult time. Ken, Katie, Suzanne and Jen were so loving and supportive and helped us tremendously. They took away the overwhelm and for that we will be forever grateful. ❤️

Herbert Gant Jul 24, 2021

Absolutely top notch. Sales promo is detailed with lots of photos; staff is super friendly and helpful; items priced honestly; always a pleasure to browse.