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Karlyn Doyle Mar 14, 2021

We placed a call to Caring Transitions when we had to very quickly move, and downsize from our home of 25 years. Mike and his team immediately came to the rescue, and with a calm, caring demeanor, helped us step by step achieve the impossible. Caring Transitions provided services to pack, sell, organize, move, and clean. They truly were our partner in every way; controlled expenses, utilized their broad network of experts to cover every tasks and attend to every detail, provided consistent communication, and as a result, significantly reduced our emotional strain. Caring Transitions offers a rare and personalized service. We would not have been able to achieve what we did without them, and are truly grateful!!

Sheila Cagle Bisdee Aug 23, 2019

Wonderful company! Alway so welcoming to each of us that come in to shop and look. Always ready to answer questions. They display so well! My favorite estate people

Rush R Brad Jul 24, 2019

Great and professional team... great iob..!!

Kandi Thames Benton Jul 14, 2019

Just wanted to share how your neighbor is doing in OKc. Hoping this reaches the Corporate Headquarters!! Date: July 13, 2019 WoW! Worst experience with this business! Liz Donnelly just accused my mother, a 77yr old lady mind you, for false pretenses! She accused me too IN FRONT OF SEVERAL OTHER PROPLE! I had actually recommended this service to my mom for our Market. I had a dealing with Liz earlier in the year when I was unable to pick up an item I had won. When explained why I couldn’t, I was NEVER offered the option to get my items at a different time, I was NEVER offered to get my items shipped to me nor any other type of solution to rectify the situation. ALL LIZ DONNELY WAS WORRIED ABOUT WAS GETTING HER MONEY!!!! I wasn’t going to pay for an item if I couldn’t pick it up at the specified time. Especially due to unforeseen circumstances!! So she blocked my account! Fast forward to today, my mom bid on some neat items and won. She doesn’t have a debit card or credit card, so I paid for it with mine. LiIZ DONNELY approached me and my mom and accused us of trying to go behind her in order to purchase. First off, we are NOT conniving people. Second off, Liz Donnely is the rudest, self-centered woman who doesn’t know a thing about customer service!! Third of all, she can treat me however she wants, but don’t treat my mom like that!! I understand her situation and people leaving her high and dry, but my intentions were pure and unforeseen crisis do occur. Given the opportunity, I would’ve made things right with her. What Liz did today was just down right wrong and very unprofessional! My Gosh Lady! Know your roll....! Shame. On. You.

Jeanne Martineau Diamond May 05, 2019

Professional caring people. Highly recommend.