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Mark Jacobs Aug 15, 2019

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Brian D. Mar 15, 2019

Great company to work with. Kathy and her staff are always friendly and helpful. Online auction pictures are very good as well as descriptions. I always have confidence that everything is on the up and up. In the years I have been a customer of this company I have never had a bad experience or a single problem. I would highly recommend this company.

Chad Covert Apr 23, 2018

I have bought from their auctions for 5 years and have never been let down. Keep up the good work.

FunSeeker Feb 27, 2018

Well organized, wonderful staff and great prices. Has awesome customer service with online auctions and tag sales. Previous 1 star reviews are retaliatory for their inability to know that the only signup sheet at any estate sale is the one from the company, not the ones started by customers.

Nathan S. Mar 30, 2017

I was a customer of Caring Transitions for the past two years, primarily their online auctions. I was always so impressed with the staff and professionalism there. So much so that when I went through a transition myself a month ago (mine was the loss of a job), I approached Caring Transitions, and I've been working there for about a month and so far so good. They treat their customers with respect.