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Amy H. Sep 21, 2021

Caring Transitions assisted me with organizing my parents house after they passed away. There was a large amount of clothing, furniture, odds and ends and junk. Tom provided an estimate and explained the process. When the team showed up they were prompt, worked hard and had wonderful personalities. I also found their prices to be more reasonable than some other companies.  I would highly recommend them if you need this type of assistance.

Dixon Y. Sep 03, 2021

I do not write a lot of reviews. The service I received from Tom and his team was spectacular. I was moving from a large house in the suburbs where we had lived for 16 years. The kids were off to college, and we were downsizing. I COULD NOT HAVE GOTTEN THROUGH THIS PROCESS WITHOUT CARING TRANSITIONS.

Everyone we worked with from Tom to the people who batched our lots and arranged the auctions to the team who helped clean out the junk were personable, professional, and genuinely caring. The relief of having help through a stressful process was well worth the fees.

While I made a little money from auctioning some belongings, I encourage you to purchase this service for the peace of mind and not to make money. Best of luck!

Stacey B. Aug 04, 2021

If you are looking for a professional auction company to sell an estate or if you are like me and love to hunt for treasures, you should definitely consider Caring Transitions (CT bids) of Loudoun County, VA. They are absolutely the best! I own a business painting and selling custom furniture for clients and  also have a rented space in a store in Leesburg, VA. I am always on the hunt for vintage treasures that may/may not need a little TLC or just even an update and I am always able to find them at Caring Transitions. I live in Alexandria but prefer to drive out to Loudoun County to pick up treasures because the owners of this specific CT are a step above all of the rest! Lieann and her husband Tom who are present at pick ups are always organized and so professional. I never have to wait in a long line to pick up and their team is just always so pleasant and helpful. I often buy things and need help getting them into my car and they are always right there offering to help. Tom and his son do a lot of the lifting and it looks like they must hire a couple of others to help with the hard lifts as well. I can't say enough about the team of people that work here. They are just an amazing group of people. So many other auction companies are not willing to help you at all and can be rude at times but not this crew. They are going to do whatever they have to do to make it a positive experience for everyone! I find myself always seeking out their sales specifically for this reason even though there are sales closer to me in Alexandria. On top of that, they always have interesting and unique items that I can't seem to resist bidding! 5 stars for sure!

Vicky M. Aug 02, 2021

Because of Covid-19 we could not have a proper funeral for either of my parents. I have their ashes.
Seeing the house empty makes it very real that they are gone. I know that if I had to sell their belongings myself it would not get done.
So  the tears are for sadness and for relief. I know that your wife and staff very carefully and gently separated items and made everything look so nice.
I KNOW that my mama would approve that I chose you guys to take care of her things.
I highly would recommend to anyone that if in need of a Estate Sale, You will not be disappointed if you choose CaringTransitions!

Nancy Kruger Jul 19, 2021

Tom Wade and Caring Transitions of Loudoun are an absolute pleasure to work with. My sister and I needed to sort through our late parents' home, determine what we would keep and what we would have to part with, and pack it up before putting the house on the market. We were overwhelmed and didn't even know where or how to start. Caring Transitions of Loudoun came to our rescue. Tom is very caring, responsive and flexible and really goes out of his way to help his clients. Susan, who led the team Tom sent to help us, is simply amazing. She's incredibly kind, compassionate, smart, resourceful and just so good at what she does. We could never have done on our own what she helped us accomplish. Because of Susan, we were able to methodically and comfortably complete a very emotionally difficult undertaking, and we thoroughly enjoyed her company too. We highly recommend that anyone in a similar situation, or downsizing, or just moving or decluttering, call Caring Transitions of Loudoun to learn how Tom and his team can help you.