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Dan BW May 09, 2022

Joe and his team helped us clean out my mother in law's house after she passed away. The house has been in the family for over 100 years, and contained the accumulated possessions of three generations. My mother in law never threw anything away, so the house was full to the brim with things stuffed in the most unusual places. Joe and his team sold the collectibles while setting aside what we requested; they cleaned out the house, and performed minor repairs and exterior services to get it ready to sell. They achieved a monumental task and did so thoroughly, gracefully, honestly and respectfully. We are very grateful for their help and gladly recommend them.

Kevin B. Apr 27, 2022

I had about 15 pieces of art work from my parents' estate that my family did not want. Joe and CTBids were able to help us out. They picked the art work up, included them in one of their auctions, and everything sold. It was easy. I was able to follow how the art was doing during the auction by creating my own account on ctbids. It was one head ache that Joe and his team were able to take away from me. Thank you Joe and CTBids.

Allen Legendre Jan 21, 2022

Caring Transitions accomplished a cleanout during a holiday weekend under winter conditions in order to meet our tight schedule for relocating my elderly mom and vacating her house for the buyer. Joe works hard to accomodate his clients needs.

Anita Sadun Oct 18, 2021

We hired Caring Transitions to clean out our mother's home after she moved to assisted living and had to sell it. Her move had to happen quickly, and all of us live out of state, so we took just two weeks to personally sort through and pack up essentials and items with sentimental value. The rest -- furniture, linens, household items, books, decorative items, and miscellany -- was left behind to deal with "later." I was sure we'd need another trip and days or weeks of work to clean out the townhouse. Then we found Joe at Caring Transitions, who was able to take care of the whole project efficiently and professionally. Joe's team sorted everything, donated what they could, and set up a professional online auction for the furniture and miscellaneous other items. Then they cleaned out the house, had the trash removed, and left the place move-in ready, in plenty of time for the scheduled closing date. Watching our much-loved but no longer needed possessions being auctioned off was hard. Some items generated small bidding wars, while others went for a song. In the end, though, proceeds of the sale paid for a significant fraction of the cost of the clean-out. Perhaps most importantly, we were pleased with the effort Joe made to find appreciative new owners for Mom's belongings. And it was so much easier than emptying an entire home ourselves could possibly be!

David Glazer Oct 17, 2021

Joe and the team at Caring Transitions were exactly what we needed when we needed it. We were selling my mother's condo, and they provided a one-stop shop for handling all the cleanout details, including auctioning, donation, and junk removal of what was left. We were as involved (or not) as we wanted to be. Joe set clear expectations on process, price, and timing -- and lived up to them.