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Heather Kolek Jan 22, 2021

Reese and her staff are amazing. She helps me out when ever I need to let her know anything about my case. Highly recommend.

MR Krajniak Apr 06, 2020

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William Mar 09, 2017

Reese is an excellent business attorney. She really understands how hard it is to open your own business and she walked me through everything I needed from incorporating to the asset purchase agreement for buying a business. She offers way more than any other business attorney. She is even doing our payroll and business taxes. She is the one stop shop for starting a new business!

Nigel Sep 22, 2013

Cherissa was very attentive to my needs. I have spoken to multiple attorneys about my case, which was quite complex. She was the only one that seemed to have constructive advice, and spent time taking me through my options and answering my questions. Her staff was also excellent, and I always felt welcome and important. Very highly recommended!!!

Andrey Jan 15, 2013

Cherissa and her staff were extremely helpful with my immigration problem. Cherissa was very knowledgeable about how to proceed with my case and gave great advice. She took the time to always talk with me and answer all my questions. She didn't just do her job. She went above and beyond to help me and my family. She cared and it showed through her work. I am so happy with my experience with her firm that I just needed to get the word out about her. Trust me you will not regret using her services! I highly recommend this firm!