t isall Feb 01, 2024

not a good firm, I was under the impression that they would take my case and the didn’t

Gary Stockwell Dec 25, 2023

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Lucy Gutierrez Sep 17, 2023

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Kevin Monroe Sep 15, 2023

This firm hands down are the best personal injury attorneys in Chicago. They have handled injury cases for myself and my family. Their results have been phenomenal

Denise Smyles Apr 23, 2023

I will always pass the information on because they really helped me solve my case.

Anonymous Oct 27, 2019

Very satisfied with Ted and the firm he works at. The staff was very efficient in gathering all the informative necessary for my claim. My claim resolved quickly and I was happy with the outcome.

Christie P. Feb 25, 2018

I had an excellent experience working with Karchmar & Lambert. Matt Karchmar and his staff were professional, knowledgeable, and successful in getting the most money possible for my motor vehicle accident claim. They were readily available for mid-process updates or questions, and were honest with me throughout the process about what to expect. I did very little work except to provide the materials I already had, and that made the process very smooth for me. They also made it easy for me to pursue my claim even though I no longer live in the Chicago area. I would highly recommend this team to anyone looking to pursue a claim in Illinois.

John D. Mar 15, 2017

Jeremy and The Karchmar and Lambert firm did an excellent job at advocating and representing my family, giving us answers and the closure we needed. They communicated clearly, were always available, and most importantly,skillfully forced the responsible parties to take accountability. I highly recommend.

Ann Feb 02, 2016

Anyone looking for an honest and dedicated lawyer who really cares about what happens to you and your family should get the Cannon. We settled for a very fair settlement and Attorney Lambert made sure we understood all of our options. We were so pleased. Highly recommend him to anyone wanting someone who will fight hard for you

Wo w. Aug 23, 2012

It was clear that the lawyers here care about their clients. I recommend it. They seemed busy at times, but they were still always able to talk to me or they would call back. Plus, it's probably a bad sign if your lawyer isn't busy. Great firm.

Anonymous Dec 28, 2010

None to provide at this time.