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Steve Quaglia Oct 24, 2022

When my father suddenly passed, clearing out my parent's house was an overwhelming, daunting task. Mike and his team were fantastic. In just a few weeks, they had the gone through the entire house. From attic to basement, 50 years worth of stuff was sorted and either junked, donated or sold. Living far away from the property, it was very reassuring when Mike was in contact with me about anything questionable that they found or even just an update on the progress. The time the team took to stage and photograph everything for the auction was amazing. I could not be happier about the outcome, and I would stronly recommend the Caring Transitions team to anyone looking for this kind of service.

Anne McGee Oct 14, 2022

Michael and his team were a God-send to us when it came to relocating after 36 years in our home. They made this move much less stressful by being kind, caring and very professional. We enjoyed our experience with Michael and would highly recommend Caring Transitions of Tewksbury.

Renee Tompkins Aug 17, 2022

Caring Transitions came HIGHLY recommended to us....I can tell you from our own experience, Michael and his team were EXTREMELY responsive and ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL to work with. I would recommend Caring Transitions of Tewksbury without hesitation. They are respectful, caring and provide a GREAT service which can alleviate a lot of stress during the transition process. Thank you so much, Michael!

Jennifer Leslie Aug 13, 2022

My husband and I won some items from one of the auctions. Mike and his crew helped us load our items without a scratch. Then when we fell in love with a dumpster-bound treasure that was too big for our vehicles he helped to arrange transportation. He went above and beyond to keep quality items from ending up in the trash. We love our new pieces!

William Romanow May 30, 2022

This review is long overdue, but I felt the need to discuss my Caring Transitions of Tewksbury experience. Upon the passing of my mother, I decided to sell her home (my childhood home). I was completely overwhelmed with figuring out where to begin. Our realtor indicated a family member used a service to help in a similar situation. I called Michael at Caring Transitions, who explained how the service worked. We contracted Michael and his team to help clean out the house. Some items were sold, some donated, Michael kept everything well documented. The thing that I was initially unsure about was trusting a stranger. I thought what would happen if they found money while cleaning out the house. Michael and his team indeed found small amounts of money, and clean out. They sent photo texts of money and other valuables found during the cleanout. I found the team at Caring Solutions of Tewksbury to be honest, trustworthy, prompt, and reliable. They completed the job exactly when they said it would be completed, and they even swept up and vacuumed. I could not have asked for a better experience! I would not hesitate to call Caring Transitions of Tewksbury, if needed in the future!