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Anton Khinchuk Mar 01, 2024

From time to time, you meet very special people who work in a field that you can absolutely tell is their passion and calling. Angela G. from Caring Transitions of Tewkesbury is very much that person. If you're looking for a service provider and Caring Transitions is a company that you're considering, you would be doing yourself a disservice by going with anybody else.

Vincent James Oct 28, 2023

I forget how I found out about Caring Transitions. They may have been an exhibitor at an event I attended or I picked up a flyer somewhere. Anyway I looked at their website and was impressed by all the services they offer for reasonable fees. I initially spoke to John Rossi over the phone, and he connected me to Steve Harvey, one of their managers who handles staff scheduling. I was in the process of downsizing from a single family home to a smaller condo, and I needed some serious assistance with packing. Steve came to my home to assess the situation. I felt we had an immediate rapport. He took the time to understand my concerns and offered suggestions. I had to pause with using their services due to a delay with the condo closing. When I was ready, I was comfortable with Steve stopping by the house without me present to determine how many boxes to obtain. Steve is one of those managers who goes above and beyond. “It is what we do,” he always says. I want to site two examples. I have a close friend who needed to auction off a substantial amount of his mother’s possessions in another state, and I told him about Caring Transitions. When he contacted the local office, he did not get a response. He is one of those no nonsense guys and was about to abort the process and find another company. When I bought this to Steve’s attention, he immediately contacted his counterpart in that state who then quickly reached out to my friend. Thanks to Steve, my friend did work with CT and was pleased with the process. The second example was with my packing day. Steve arrive early to drop off the boxes for his team to use for packing. The team (Kathy and Zack) worked for about five hours and got most of it done (and did an excellent job to boot). When they left, they said that Steve would be back in a couple of hours. I was just expecting him to come to schedule the next appointment for the packing to be finished. When he arrived and saw what needed to be done, he said “Oh…I can finish this up,” which was the last thing I was expecting him to say - knowing that he already put in a long day. He took off his top shirt and spent the next 2.5 hours finishing up the packing. I was completely blown away. “It’s what we do,” he said again. You don’t find too many managers that walk the talk. Steve is certainly one of them. Steve Harvey and Caring Transitions took what is usually a stressful process and made it manageable for me. I recommend them highly!

D Hat Sep 07, 2023

Michael and his team were terrific! He made our deadline even when we asked to pull it in. He was very accommodating in trying to get items to donation centers. He even mowed our lawn after our mower got sold! He and his team went above and beyond!

Kerri Coffey Jun 07, 2023

Michael and his team were able to work on a very short deadline for us when we sold our home and needed to clear out in 4 weeks for a very fast close. They came in after we had moved the items we wanted to keep up to our cabin and were ready for the house to be emptied. Some things went to donation and others were simply taken to be disposed, then they swept up and and were done in one day. The crew was very respectful and efficient. They have my highest recommendation and I would use them again in a second. Thank you!

Kelsey Rossi Jun 07, 2023

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