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Julie Montean Senchak Mar 12, 2024

Caring Transitions of the Cuyahoga/Chagrin Valleys and Cleveland Eastern Suburbs has played a valuable role for my family on two fronts... Their fabulous team helped me through my parents household cleanout, sale of items, and disposal. Then, its online auction site CT Bids, became my favorite place to shop online... perusing others' cherished goods and giving them new purpose and me joy. Recently I bid on and won a collection of "Luxury Designer Clothing Some European." I want the former owners of this collection to know how excited my daughter and I are to give these beautiful items new purpose. Every single item in the lot was timeless, beautifully tailored, and unique. Thank you Gary Henry, and Caring Transitions of the Cuyahoga/Chagrin Valleys and Cleveland Eastern Suburbs for a job well done helping my family and many households transition to their next destination.

julie senchak Mar 08, 2022

Settling the estate of my parents was a job I would wish on NO one. It involves decades of memories, household goods, sentimental objects, and complications you cannot imagine unless you've experienced it. Hiring Caring Transitions of the Cuyahoga and Chagrin Valley was the smartest thing I did. They are trustworthy, caring, efficient, and go above and beyond the contract terms. A word to those who may enter into a contract with a transition service... remember that just because your family's belongings hold great value for you, they will likely not be sold at high prices. Lower your expectations on resale prices. The baby boomer estates are full of china, crystal, silver, figurines, coins, furniture, etc. Very few people in this world want to pay high prices for some one else's used and old stuff. I didn't want any of my parent's collectibles, and it would have been free to me. These items served their purpose. They brought joy, served you well, and are now just taking up space. Be happy there is a service that helps you find an outlet for disposal and brings in a few dollars, too. So a huge shout out to the folks at Caring Transitions. You make a very arduous and emotional process run much smoother.

Benjamin DiCarlo Jan 09, 2022

I live in California and was in Cuyahoga Falls taking care of my Aunt when she passed away in September. We have no other family in the area, and everything was left to me to handle. I had no idea where to begin. My aunt had a 2600 sq ft home and she never downsized. I was at a loss calling estate companies that never called me back, or who told me they were so busy because of Covid they couldn't help me for several months. Thankfully I called Caring Transitions and spoke with Jody Schweiger the area Marketing Director. We made arrangements for her to come to my aunt's home so we could discuss exactly what Caring Transition does. The first thing I found they do is they listen... Jody listened as I recounted the months of caring for my aunt and the emotional toll being the primary caregiver took on me. With no family in the area, I was literally alone in dealing with it all. I signed with Jody and let me tell you, Caring Transitions did everything. They worked with my realtor so we could quickly get the home on the market and sold. They sorted through everything in the house, breaking it all down by what could be sold, donations, and trash. They emptied the house completely, so it was pretty much all ready for the new owners. A special thank you to Jody and her team for doing such an incredible job. I really appreciate all you did and your total professionalism.

Robert Blum Jan 17, 2020

great job. very professional and efficient

kelly barnes Sep 19, 2019

I have seen Caring Transitions in action on several occasions, and I have always been impressed with both their professionalism and warmth. They treat their clients with such respect and are so friendly. They're always a joy to work with, and I would absolutely trust my own loved ones in their very capable hands.