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Emily Trematerra Sep 18, 2023

Words truly cannot express my gratitude for Doug and his Caring Transitions of Mankato team for their online auction and clean-out services. When our family determined it was the right time to relocate my mom {to SoCal!} after living in her home for 45 years, I was completely overwhelmed and needed help...fast! Then I found Doug and his team, and they stepped up! Doug's genuine kindness and the CToM team's dedicated hard work turned an exceedingly difficult and emotional situation into a very manageable one! The cost of these services is priceless...do not hesitate, call Doug today and he will take care of you and help your family, just like he did for me and my mom. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Bill Nelsen Aug 21, 2023

Caring Transitions of Mankato was a great blessing in my life when I needed to move from a larger home to a much smaller abode. They had a great team, led by Doug, that helped me move the furniture I needed in my new home, sell the items I wanted to sell quite successfully through their effective online action, take items I wanted to donate to the proper places, and get rid of other items through proper disposal. Their name "Caring Transitions" is most appropriate. I recommend them highly. Bill N.

beth milbrett Aug 03, 2023

We recently moved into a Patio home here in Mankato. And it was over 100 degrees that day. Caring Transitions team showed up with smiles on their faces and worked so hard in that heat. They were kind and caring to us and our belongings. They kept asking can we do this or can we do that for you. I highly recommend them for your next transition move. We are 65 and 67. So we needed a lot of help. They even hauled all of our throw away items and large new furniture boxes to the dump site. AMAZING. They are 5 star thru and thru. 👏❤️👏

Dan Hansen Mar 28, 2023

Doug at Caring Transitions of Mankato is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. He and his caring team do a great job taking care of you during on of the most stressful times of your life.

Mike Doyle Feb 17, 2023

Caring Transitions has a great team! They helped us move our mom from her house to an assisted living apartment. When you walked into her new apartment when they were done you would have thought she had been living there for years. Everything was in the right place. The pictures were on the wall and everything was in drawers with not a box in site. They helped us organize and have a sale with what was left over from downsizing and cleaned the rest out. Very professional and took a lot of stress off our family. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing help with this process.