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myka loucks Jun 03, 2024

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Kevin Duhaime Apr 19, 2024

This was my second move with Caring Transitions. I didnt put my deal out to others. Once I've been treated that well, there was no point changing. Professional, caring and extremely cautious. Showed up when they committed to. Caring Transitions are very fairly priced and do not cut corners. I hope my next move wont be soon, but if you want a tremendous company to handle your goods, I couldnt recommend anyone else!

Beth Pribbenow Feb 18, 2024

We go to a lot of Estate Sales & this company is one of the best we've ever experienced. They are so nice & the prices are very reasonable. We've never given a review before on Google, but these people were so professional & courteous that we chose them to be the first! Rob & Beth

Montez Jan 09, 2024

Kelly and Rob were kind and compassionate, and their employees were courteous and caring. Suggestions for future clients: First, prepare each day emotionally. It can be stressful going through and discarding things. I went through three months of stress and depression over getting rid of things such as those belonging to my late mother and husband. Second, be very specific and detailed in instructions as they are very literal and will follow your instructions exactly. Third, time is money. Don't take things back after they have processed them. They will charge you for the hours taken to redo, and they will be VERY concerned about that. Fourth, set a budget and have it in your contract as well as a statement they will not go over the budget without consulting as to what is additionally needed and the cost. Include whether the auction proceeds are included in that budget. And the 30-35% commission they charge on the sales in the auctions are charged as part of what is owed and do not come out of the proceeds unless you specify that. Fourth, do not get upset if in auctions of other people's things later include some of your things. They will purchase items themselves from an auction if they feel they can get more money by putting them in another auction; however, as they purchased those things, they will then own them. Fifth, have in the contract if auction proceeds are to be included in the payment for the services or are to be returned. Sixth, ask for receipts at the time things are donated instead of placed in an auction. Seventh, if a specific price is expected on an item, tell them, and they can put the item in a special category with that price as a minimum.

Christopher Nicholls May 10, 2023

Our experience with Kelley and Rob with Caring Transitions was wonderful from start to finish. After my mother-in-law died, my sister-in-law and my wife needed to clear out her house in order to sell it. We do not live in that city, and the house was full of 45 years of family living. Rob met us in Montgomery to explain their services and look through the house. He was very professional and thorough. Once Kelley and her team started the process, they kept us informed every step of the way. There were some delays, but they continued to keep us updated. We did not have to worry about a single detail. Despite the delays, they had the house ready on schedule to put on the market. It was spotless and looked amazing! I cannot say enough good things about Kelley and Rob and the services they provide. We highly recommend them!!